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Cleaning Up viewers are irritated with the drama's "unrealistic" and "irresponsible" finale

The Sheridan Smith drama has been criticised for its “unconvincing” storyline and portrayal of gambling addiction

Sheridan Smith in Cleaning Up, ITV Pictures
Published: Friday, 12th April 2019 at 11:27 am

Cleaning Up’s finale was watched by more than four million people – but many viewers have criticised the ITV drama for its “unrealistic” plot and “irresponsible” portrayal of gambling addiction.


The series starred Sheridan Smith as a struggling single mother and cleaner with a gambling addiction, who resorts to trading inside information to keep her family afloat.

Its final episode saw Smith’s character Sam avoid getting caught, successfully dob in her rivals and pay off her debts. But for many who had stuck with the show since the beginning, the storyline had become too “unconvincing”…

Viewers were especially bemused by how little time Sam had to get herself out of the mess she had created…

And some criticised the drama for its “irresponsible” portrayal of gambling addiction…

However, there was still support for the show on Twitter, with Paul Chuckle of Chuckle Brothers fame among Cleaning Up’s fans…

While Cleaning Up’s finale certainly sets up the show for an intriguing second series, ITV has not yet made a decision on whether to renew the drama.


This article was originally published on 14 February 2019


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