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Who killed Adam? Cheat fans share their theories ahead of the series finale

We still have LOTS of unanswered questions about the murder of Leah's husband

Cheat suspects
Published: Thursday, 14th March 2019 at 8:31 pm

We can't stop thinking about ITV thriller Cheat – and neither can viewers, who have been trying to untangle the mystery ahead of the final episode on Thursday 14th March at 9pm.


What really happened on the night Adam was murdered? And who stabbed him to death? Was it his betrayed wife Leah, or vindictive student Rose? Or someone else entirely?

Take a look at these eight fan theories....

1. Rose killed Adam and covered it up

All the way through, Rose (Molly Windsor) has shown she is capable of great cruelty and manipulation. So did she kill Adam?

2. Leah killed Adam to save Rose

The last time we saw Adam he was strangling Rose! Did Leah barge in, see what was happening, grab a knife and stab her husband – to save her half sister?

3. Leah killed Adam – and framed Rose

Perhaps Leah (Katherine Kelly) was the one to kill Adam, and frame Rose? After all, Rose was the "other woman" who slept with her husband.

4. Leah did it because she's pregnant with someone else's baby

Remember that scene in episode one where Leah fantasised about having sex with her colleague in the university toilets? Perhaps it wasn't entirely a fantasy after all.

5. Rose doesn't actually exist

This is a psychological thriller, so who knows?

6. Ben the college porter killed Adam

He'd do anything for Rose, and is clearly in love with her. Would he kill Adam on Rose's orders? Or perhaps to remove a love rival?

7. Leah and Rose's dad Michael killed Adam

Sure, Michael (Peter Firth) is a coward who couldn't even bring himself to tell his family about his daughter Rose. But he also hated Adam for what he did to Leah, and emotions were VERY high that night. What if he came after Leah when she left the party? And ended up killing Adam?

8. It was... Betsy the cat?

That would be a twist.


The final episode of Cheat airs on Thursday 14th March at 9pm on ITV

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