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Casualty's shock crash leaves two characters' lives in the balance

Newlyweds Robyn and Glen were involved in a horrific collision - can either of them survive?

Casualty Glen and Robyn
Published: Saturday, 24th March 2018 at 9:10 pm

Robyn and Glen's Casualty wedding day came to a dramatic conclusion as the pair were involved in a shocking road traffic accident.


The newlyweds were en route to their honeymoon in Devon – donated by their marriage witnesses, Charlie and Duffy – when Glen began having seizures in the car.

Earlier in the episode, it was revealed that his cancer had returned but, despite Dylan's pleas for him to stay in the hospital, he was determined to make it up the aisle with Robyn this time around.

Glen attempted to tell his bride about his heartbreaking diagnosis before the ceremony, but when he saw her in her dress he couldn't break the news. He pressed ahead with the wedding, leaving his new bride in the dark about his devastating diagnosis.

As the pair drove to Devon, Glen attempted to conceal the increasingly violent seizures, but Robyn realised something was wrong and decided to turn the car around.

She tragically failed to notice that a van was headed their way, and when the vehicle collided with the pair's car, it sent them spinning across the road.

The screen faded to black, leaving us all with just one question - will Glen and Robyn survive?


Casualty continues on BBC1 on Saturday nights


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