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Noel in danger in tonight's Casualty

Noel finds himself caught up in a terrifying situation

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Published: Saturday, 2nd May 2020 at 5:30 pm

Make sure you don't miss Casualty tonight as there is some big drama on the way for Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) when he finds himself involved in a violent altercation.


Viewers will tonight see Noel meet a young woman, Bluebell, who has injured her hand and arrived at Holby General with her mother, Sandi. Noel tends to her injury while Sandi heads off as she has an appointment with her therapist- Dr Joe.

It's immediately apparent that something is very wrong with Bluebell though when she gets hysterical at being treated without her mother by her side.

casualty noel bluebell

It turns out that Sandi is on medication and Bluebell wants her to stop taking it, but the reason for why comes as a shock for Noah who realises the situation is far uglier than he first thought.

When Bluebell catches sight of Dr Joe, she is visibly panicked and lashes out, first at reception, and then far more violently when she brandishes a weapon and aims it at the therapist. Noel has since found out that Doctor Joe doesn't have credentials and arrives to see the drama unfolding. It's then that Bluebell admits that the man has been sexually abusing her.

Noel launches into action and he and Dr Joe end up tussling. But will Noel be ok after they both fall down some stairs as they fight?

Piers Wenger, the controller of drama at the BBC has given an update on the Casualty production shut down, as well as that of all the other soaps that have ceased filming due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Wenger stated that all of the shows currently on hold at the BBC are "under a constant process of reassessment" and that the aim is to have them all up and running again "as soon as possible".

Currently, Neighbours is the only English speaking soap or drama to have gone back into production and the show's producers have been open about offering advice to other shows looking to do the same. Star Alan Fletcher (Karl Kennedy) told Sky News that future episodes will show a lot of loving glances from a distance due to the 2-metre rule. Producer Jason Herbison recently said that there are no plans to mention the coronavirus in the show.


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