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The Turner children star in adorable behind the scenes picture from the set of Call the Midwife

May, Angela and Teddy are all dressed up for a big occasion in Call the Midwife series 10.

Alice Brown plays Angela Turner in Call the Midwife
Published: Tuesday, 23rd March 2021 at 5:19 pm

The pandemic means that fans of Call the Midwife have had to wait a little longer than usual to catch up with Poplar's most capable nurses.


The tenth series is set to premiere on BBC One later this year, with a whole new set of guest stars and returning characters joining the Call the Midwife cast. In the meantime, a behind the scenes photo shared on the show's Facebook page has given an adorable update on the cast's youngest members.

The Turner children, May (April Rae Hoang), Angela (Alice Brown) and Teddy (Ned Shaw) have grown up quite a bit since we last saw them, and it looks like they have been taking style tips from Helen George's fashionable nurse Trixie.

"Look at those flower costumes! And look at Teddy in his long trousers! My how they're all growing!! Teddy looks awfully cool and grown up - it only seems like yesterday when he was a babe in arms," the post read.

Take a look at the picture below:

The update went on to hint that the new series involved some "VERY special costumes" for the young stars, who "love" being dressed up for big occasions.

No word just yet on what these occasions might be, but we can count on them being as heartwarming and emotional as usual.

The update continued: "Call the Midwife, as you know, follows the seasons, and follows our characters through all of the changes that the years bring. As the world changes rapidly, these ceremonies and community moments take on a special value, as they remind us of the things we all share, and the reason why these things matter."

Hopefully it won't be too long before fans can enjoy them on screen.


Call the Midwife series 10 will return to BBC One later in 2021. To find out what's on telly in the meantime, check out our TV Guide and visit our dedicated Drama hub for all the latest news. 


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