Meet the cast of Call the Midwife season 10

Helen George, Leonie Elliott and the stars of Call the Midwife return for a new season in 2021 – alongside plenty of guest actors.

Call the Midwife cast picture

Call the Midwife is back – and season 10 is certainly off to an excellent start.


The BBC drama boasts a massive ensemble cast, including Helen George, Leonie Elliott, Jenny Agutter, Judy Parfitt and Stephen McGann –and returning for the new season are all the usual suspects. The only person missing is Jennifer Kirby, who quit her role as Nurse Valerie Dyer before filming began for the Christmas special 2020 and season 10.

While the core cast of Call the Midwife stays the same from week to week, each episode brings in a new collection of guest stars. As we head into season 10 (and the year 1966), here are the actors you’ll see on screen – and the characters they play.

Helen George plays Nurse Trixie Franklin

Helen George plays Nurse Trixie Franklin in Call the Midwife

Who is Nurse Trixie Franklin? Trixie is a capable and talented midwife who is now one of the most experienced members of the team. In previous series she has battled alcoholism, and we’ve seen her put in the work to stay sober. She is also extremely fashion-conscious and loves beautiful things.

What else has Helen George been in? Helen George has been with Call the Midwife since day one. Her other TV appearances have included Red Dwarf, Nativity Rocks!, Doctors and Hotel Babylon, and in 2015 she came sixth in Strictly Come Dancing with her pro partner Aljaz Skorjanec. Helen actually also met her partner Jack Ashton when they co-starred in Call the Midwife; he played the Reverend Tom until the end of series seven and they had a daughter, Wren, in 2017.

Leonie Elliott plays Nurse Lucille Anderson

Leonie Elliott plays Nurse Lucille Anderson in Call the Midwife

Who is Nurse Lucille Anderson? Originally from Jamaica, Lucille travelled alone to England in 1960 to train as a nurse. After she qualified, she became the first West Indian midwife ever to join Nonnatus House – arriving in the snowy first episode of series seven. Since then she has gained a reputation as a talented, level-headed midwife with a sense of humour and a kind heart – but she has faced racism from some of her patients and their families. Lucille has a strong Christian faith, and a fledgeling courtship with local mechanic Cyril (Zephryn Taitte).

What else has Leonie Elliott been in? Call the Midwife was a breakout role for the young actress, but she’s also appeared in the Black Mirror episode Hated in the Nation and TV movie Killed by My Debt. Leonie Elliott’s other credits include in Casualty, Boogie Man and Damned, and Lenny Henry’s BBC comedy drama Danny and the Human Zoo. As a child actress she appeared on stage in The Lion King and Annie.

Stephen McGann plays Dr Patrick Turner

Stephen McGann plays Dr Patrick Turner in Call the Midwife

Who is Dr Patrick Turner? The local GP, who works closely with Nonnatus House. He is devoted to his job and works tirelessly to serve the people of Poplar. Dr Turner is married to Shelagh and has four children.

What else has Stephen McGann been in? Stephen McGann is actually married to Call the Midwife creator and writer Heidi Thomas. He is also the brother of Doctor Who actor Paul McGann, and like his character Dr Turner he is a man of science – having studied for a Masters in Science Communication and written a book, Flesh and Blood, based on the personal and medical history of his family. McGann previously played Sean Reynolds in Emmerdale.

Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner

Laura Main plays Shelagh Turner in Call the Midwife

Who is Shelagh Turner? When we first met her, she was Sister Bernadette – but then she gave up being a nun and left the Order to marry Dr Turner. The Turners now have four children together (adopted and biological), and Shelagh continues to work closely with Nonnatus House; she often steps in to work as a midwife or lend a hand when help is needed.

What else has Laura Main been in? Laura Main’s acting career has mainly been in theatre, after she first starred in a production of The Sound of Music at the age of 11; recently she played Princess Fiona in the UK tour of Shrek The Musical. On TV, she’s played DC Alison Bain in ITV’s Murder City and starred as Rebecca Howlett in TV mini-series The Mill.

Richard Dillane plays Mr Scarisbrick (Episode 1-2)

Richard Dillane plays Mr Scarisbrick in Call the Midwife

Who is Mr Scarisbrick? The boss of a private clinic in Chelsea called the Lady Emily. Nurse Trixie is asked to go along and work there for six weeks. Helen George explains: “Her task is to observe exactly how their systems work and how their midwifery functions. Delivery at the Lady Emily Clinic is a more doctor-led process. The thought is that Nonnatus House will rent out midwives and nuns to the Lady Emily to help out with the deliveries and to staff the practice. In return, they’ll get paid, and Nonnatus House will be saved. But we’ll have to wait for episode two to find out if it goes well or not!”

What else has Richard Dillane been in? Having started out as Sergeant Brad Connor in Soldier Soldier back in 1995, Richard Dillane has racked up a lot of TV credits – including Casualty (with a stint as Sean Anderson), Wold Hall (as the Duke of Suffolk), The White Princess (as Sir Thomas Stanley), The Last Post (as Harvey Tilbrook), Outlander (as Captain Raines), The Last Kingdom (as Ludeca), Peaky Blinders (as General Curran), Doctor Who (as Carter) and Young Wallander (as Hemberg). On the big screen, he’s been in Argo, Oranges and Sunshine, and The Dark Knight.

Jo Herbert plays Fiona Aylward (Episode 1-2)

Jo Herbert plays Fiona Aylward in Call the Midwife

Who is Fiona Aylward? A patient at the Lady Emily Clinic. She is expecting her first child, and has just given up her job in advertising.

What else has Jo Herbert been in? She’s starred as Emma Finch in Unforgotten, and as Annie Carter in Home Fires. Jo Herbert also played Mary Charteris in The Crown, and she’s a prolific stage actress.

Olly Rix plays Matthew Aylward (Episode 1-2)

Olly Rix plays Matthew Aylward in Call the Midwife

Who is Matthew Aylward? Fiona’s husband. Trixie encourages him to be more involved in the childbirth process.

What else has Olly Rix been in? Olly Rix starred as Edward Stafford in The Spanish Princess, and as Bones in Our Girl. He was DI Harry Sawyer in WPC 56, David in Of Kings and Prophets, Navas in The Musketeers, and Cartwright in Death Comes to Pemberley.

Lisa O’Connor plays Jacinta O’Malley (Episode 2)

Lisa O'Connor plays Jacinta O'Malley in CAll the Midwife

Who is Jacinta O’Malley? A mother, who is pregnant again – but who would rather not be.

What else has Lisa O’Connor been in? This is her first on-screen role.

Killian Coyle plays Dessy O’Malley (Episode 2)

Who is Dessy O’Malley? Jacinta’s husband, who is away at sea.

What else has Killian Coyle been in? Credits include Dublin Murders, Normal People, Krypton and Finding Joy.

Ashley Campbell plays Mr Clarke (Episode 2)

Ashley Campbell plays Mr Clarke in Call the Midwife

Who is Mr Clarke? An immigrant who came to the UK for a better life, but who has now fallen on hard times. After the Clarke family are evicted, Cyril and the local West Indian church do their best to take care of them.

What else has Ashley Campbell been in? He played Ollie in CBBC’s The Mysti Show, and has since appeared in Hollyoaks, Father Brown, Bridgerton and Doctors.

Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter plays Mrs Clarke (Episode 2)

Terri Ann Bobb-Baxter plays Mrs Clarke in Call the Midwife

Who is Mrs Clarke? Mrs Clarke and her husband Mr Clarke have a young family, including a newborn baby. But they have fallen on hard times.

What else has Teri Ann Bobb-Baxter been in? She appeared in Bridgerton, playing a midwife – and in Clink, playing Idara Adoti.

Linda Bassett plays Nurse Phyllis Crane

Linda Bassett plays Nurse Phyllis Crane in Call the Midwife

Who is Nurse Phyllis Crane? Nurse Phyllis Crane is a bit of a battleaxe but has a dry wit. She a diligent, dedicated senior midwife who will do what it takes to protect and serve her patients. Phyllis is particularly close to Trixie, and also leads a group of Scouts.

What else has Linda Bassett been in? Linda Basset was nominated for a BAFTA for her performance as Ella Khan in the 1999 film East Is East – a role she reprised in sequel West Is West. Since then, she’s played Malka Rosen in Spies of Warsaw, Queenie in Lark Rise to Candleford, and Mrs Smike in The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby. Other credits include The Reader, Calendar Girls, and Sense & Sensibility.

Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne

Jenny Agutter plays Sister Julienne in Call the Midwife

Who is Sister Julienne? The big boss at Nonnatus House. She is highly-respected by her team of midwives, who trust her judgement and guidance. Mother Mildred is her superior, but within Nonnatus House she leads the nuns of the Order.

What else has Jenny Agutter been in? Having begun her career as a child actress in The Railway Children and East of Sudan, Jenny Agutter won an Emmy for her performance in 1971’s The Snow Goose and a BAFTA for 1977 movie Equus. She starred in Logan’s Run, Amy, An American Werewolf in London, and many more – but having quit Hollywood in the 1990s, she moved home to Britain and appeared in The Railway Children again – this time as the mother in a 2000 TV adaptation. Her more recent credits have included Sometimes Always Never (alongside Bill Nighy), Queen of the Desert, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and Avengers Assemble.

Judy Parfitt plays Sister Monica Joan

Judy Parfitt plays Sister Monica Joan in Call the Midwife

Who is Sister Monica Joan? Sister Monica Joan has been a part of Call the Midwife since she opened the doors of Nonnatus House to welcome us inside for episode one. She was one of the first women to qualify as a midwife in Britain, but is now retired and feeling the effects of dementia. Sister Monica Joan continues to live at Nonnatus House where her former colleagues care for her with love (and sometimes with exasperation). She is distressed by her limitations and by her mental confusion, and needs to feel useful. In season 10, she experiences a spiritual crisis.

What else has Judy Parfitt been in? Judy Parfitt’s BAFTA-nominated performances include Maria Thins in Girl With A Pearl Earring and Mildred Layton in The Jewel In The Crown. The 84-year-old’s more recent credits include Up the Women, The Game, and Little Dorrit – in which she played Mrs Clennam.

Zephryn Taitte plays Cyril Robinson

Zephryn Taitte plays Cyril Robinson in Call the Midwife

Who is Cyril Robinson? In series eight, Phyllis hired a mechanic to fix her car – and while working on the car outside Nonnatus House, Cyril first laid eyes on Lucille and fell head-over-heels for her. He is an immigrant from Guyana and spends his evenings studying civil engineering, and likes to enjoy the West Indian social scene. Cyril and Lucille have been enjoying a slow courtship, and she’s encouraged him to find his voice as a preacher.

What else has Zephryn Taitte been in? He played Dorian in the TV series Brothers with No Game, and has also appeared in The Hour and Doctors. Zephryn Taitte’s stage work includes Nora: A Doll’s House, Trust, and The Tempest.

Ella Bruccoleri plays Sister Frances

Ella Bruccoleri plays Sister Frances in Call the Midwife

Who is Sister Frances? Sister Frances was a newcomer to Nonnatus House in season eight alongside Sister Hilda. At that time, this young nun had only just taken her vow of obedience and joined the Order when she was sent to serve God as a midwife in Poplar. Sister Frances was scared and uncertain of herself, but has now begun to gain confidence, and in season 10 she’s really coming into her own.

What else has Ella Bruccoleri been in? The actress has actually already played a nun, in an episode of The Last Kingdom – and she made an appearance as a maid in the TV series Genius.

Fenella Woolgar plays Sister Hilda

Fenella Woolgar plays Sister Hilda in Call the Midwife

Who is Sister Hilda? A relatively recent arrival from the Order’s mother house, who has been sent to Nonnatus House to work as a midwife. She was already familiar with the East End and had been in the WAAF during the war, and she had been a nurse before – so she arrived full of confidence. She had to rein in her bossy tendencies once she arrived in Poplar… nevertheless, Sister Hilda remains a practical, enthusiastic and jolly sort of person.

What else has Fenella Woolgar been in? She recently played Margaret Hamilton in Renée Zellweger’s Judy Garland biopic, Judy – and has appeared in the movies Victoria & Abdul and Mr Jones. Having first caught the public’s attention in in Stephen Fry’s film Bright Young Things back in 2003, she has since starred in Home Fires, Harlots, Mr Turner, Scoop, Vera Drake, and War & Peace. Fenella Woolgar also took on the role of Agatha Christie in Doctor Who.

Georgie Glen plays Miss Higgins

Georgie Glen plays Miss Higgins in Call the Midwife

Who is Miss Higgins? Miss Higgins is the receptionist at Dr Turner’s surgery. She is formidable and bossy, but is also kind-hearted. She has slowly bonded with Nurse Phyllis Crane.

What else has Georgie Glen been in? Georgie Glen is one of those actresses whose face has been everywhere. Recently, she’s played Princess Diana’s grandmother Ruth Lady Fermoy in The Crown, as well as playing Lady Grenford in Hetty Feather, Pat in Sally4Ever, Sue in Behind her Eyes, Rose Kennedy in Oscar-nominated movie Jackie, and the Abbess in Les Misérables. She also put in a long stint as Head of History Audrey McFall in Waterloo Road.

Cliff Parisi plays Fred Buckle

Cliff Parisi plays Fred Buckle in Call the Midwife

Who is Fred Buckle? A handyman-turned-shopkeeper. He is married to Violet, and they’ve now been joined by orphaned young man Reggie, who has Down’s Syndrome. The midwives can always count on Fred for help, no matter what.

What else has Cliff Parisi been in? The actor’s most famous role is as Rick “Minty” Peterson in EastEnders, a role he held for eight years. Since then he’s appeared in Hollyoaks, Midsomer Murders, and Shakespeare & Hathaway. He also starred in 2019’s I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! (though he didn’t get very far).

Annabelle Apsion plays Violet Buckle

Annabelle Apsion plays Violet Buckle in Call the Midwife

Who is Violet Buckle? Back in series four, Violet – a widow without children of her own – married Fred, and in series six Reggie joined the family. Violet is a dressmaker who has her own shop and is deeply involved in the local community, organising events and festivals and always trying to help out, and now she’s taken things one step further by becoming a Councillor.

What else has Annabelle Apsion been in? The actress starred as Monica Gallagher in Shameless and as Joy Wilton in Soldier Soldier. For Christmas 2018 she was on TV as Betty Calloway in Torvill & Dean, and in recent years she’s appeared in The Village, Holby City, The Halcyon, Father Brown, and Doc Martin.

Daniel Laurie plays Reggie Jackson

Daniel Laurie plays Reggie Jackson in Call the Midwife

Who is Reggie Jackson? Reggie’s first appearance in Call the Midwife came in series six. His mother had recently died, leaving him orphaned, and the nuns and the community stepped in to help him. He has Down’s Syndrome, and is now the ward of Fred and Violet Buckle; together they are a loving and affectionate family. In the Christmas special 2020, he becomes fascinated by Percival’s Circus.

What else has Daniel Laurie been in? Recently he’s played Sheemie in The Dark Tower, Adam Beecher in Vera, and Zach in Finding Alice (alongside Keeley Hawes). In the TV series Back in 2016, he played the role of Jamie in the TV series Stella, and two years before that he led the cast of the Radio 4 adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Barnaby Rudge.

Miriam Margolyes plays Mother Mildred

Miriam Margolyes plays Mother Mildred in Call the Midwife

Who is Mother Mildred? Initially described as “a forthright and indefatigable sister from the Order,” Sister Mildred became Mother Mildred when she was chosen by the nuns as their new Mother Superior (leaving Sister Julienne extremely relieved to escape back to Poplar without having to take on the top job). Since arriving back from Hong Kong in the 2018 Christmas special, Mother Mildred has made sporadic and memorable appearances; she has a big personality and a sense of humour, and is also extremely chatty. She didn’t appear in the Christmas special 2020, but she remains part of the show.

What else has Miriam Margolyes been in? Many people will recognise her first and foremost as Professor Sprout from the Harry Potter movies – the Professor of Herbology and Head of Hufflepuff House. Miriam Margolyes won a Bafta for her role in The Age of Innocence (1993), and has also starred in Bucket, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, Trollied, Rake, and Bottersnikes & Gumbles. She was also the Nurse in Romeo + Juliet (with Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes).

Alice Brown plays Angela Turner

Alice Brown plays Angela Turner in Call the Midwife

Who is Angela Turner? Patrick and Shelagh Turner’s daughter. She was adopted as a baby in series four, gaining an older brother in Timothy Turner (Max Macmillan); since then, the family has expanded to include a new baby brother and another adopted sister, May.

What else has Alice Brown been in? Alice has been playing little Angela Turner since she was only eight months old. Back on series six, Alice’s dad told Radio Times how she ended up involved: “Annabel, my wife, just knew someone on the production and Alice’s arrival coincided with the storyline. It simply started from there.” He added: “Do I now have any interest in her being a child actor in any other way? Zero interest. To be honest, we will simply enjoy playing the episodes back to her when she is older, and embarrassing her on her wedding day, and of course she now has quite a nice nest egg in her savings account.”

April Rae Hoang plays May

April Rae Hoang plays May in Call the Midwife

Who is May? May Tang first arrived in the 2018 Christmas special, in the arms of Miriam Margolyes’ Mother Mildred who turned up at Nonnatus House with a group of Chinese child refugees who’d been sent to the UK for adoption. Sadly, May’s placement fell through and her family weren’t able to collect her – leaving Patrick and Shelagh Turner to take her in as a foster child. They then decided to adopt her as their daughter, although in series nine there was an unexpected development when her biological mother re-emerged and refused to sign away her parental rights; the adoption has yet to be finalised. May is best friends with her sister, Angela, who is about the same age.

What else has April Rae Hoang been in? Call the Midwife is her first on-screen appearance.

Max Macmillan plays Timothy Turner

Call the Midwife - Timothy Turner

Who is Timothy Turner? The only child of Patrick Turner and his late wife. Since his father remarried Shelagh, he’s gained three younger siblings: Angela, May, and Teddy. Timothy is currently away at boarding school, so he doesn’t appear much in series nine.

What else has Max Macmillan been in? The young actor is a long-time star of Call the Midwife, having first appeared in the 2012 Christmas special. Aside from this role, he has played Peter Stemp in 2019 movie The Song of Names.

Jennifer Kirby plays Nurse Valerie Dyer (seasons 6-9)

Jennifer Kirby plays Nurse Valerie Dyer in Call the Midwife

Who is Nurse Valerie Dyer? Val Dyer is a native of Poplar who grew up in the area and knows the East End well. She previously served in the army as a nurse, before returning home to work as a barmaid and then as a midwife. In series eight, Val had a traumatic experience when she discovered that the her own grandmother Elsie Dyer (Ann Mitchell) was the illegal abortionist operating in the area, and in season nine her grandmother became ill in prison – ultimately dying at home.

What else has Jennifer Kirby been in? Val in Call the Midwife has been one of Jennifer Kirby’s first on-screen roles, but she also had an impressive stage career with the Royal Shakespeare Company before joining the drama.

Jennifer Kirby quit Call the Midwife ahead of the 2020 Christmas special and series 10, so Val Dyer has now been written out of the show.

Call the Midwife – previous guest stars

Kathryn Wilder plays Audrey Fleming (season 10, episode 1)

Kathryn Wilder plays Audrey Fleming in Call the Midwife

Who is Audrey Fleming? After years of trying, Audrey and her husband are expecting their first baby – and they couldn’t be more excited. Even better, Audrey’s friend and next-door neighbour Glenys is pregnant at the same time.

What else has Kathryn Wilder been in? She played Chaulk in the TV series Frontier, and has also appeared in Adulting, and Murder on the Orient Express. On stage, she’s been in Kenneth Branagh’s productions of Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and The Winter’s Tale – and in his 2018 movie All Is True.

Jack Colgrave Hirst plays Derek Fleming (Season 10, episode 1)

Jack Colgrave plays Derek Fleming in Call the Midwife

Who is Derek Fleming? Audrey’s husband, and a very excited father-to-be.

What else has Jack Colgrave Hirst been in? You’re most likely to know him from The Terror, in which he played Thomas Hartnell, or Liar season 2, in which he played Greg Maxwell. He previously starred alongside his on-screen wife from Call the Midwife (Kathryn Wilder, see above), playing Tom Quiney in All Is True –as well as appearing in several Kenneth Branagh-directed Shakespeare productions.

Kieran Hill plays Bobby Delamore (season 10, episode 1)

Keiran Hill plays Bobby Delamore in Call the Midwife

Who is Bobby Delamore? Derek’s friend. They previously did National Service together.

What else has Kieran Hill been in? Credits include Heart of Darkness, Lee and Dean, Rosamunde Pilcher, Drifters, and Nothing to Declare.

Sarah Twomey plays Glenys Winch (season 10, episode 1)

Sarah Twomey plays Glenys Winch in Call the Midwife

Who is Glenys Winch? A mother of twins, with another one on the way. She’s delighted to be going through pregnancy at the same time as her friend and neighbour, Audrey.

What else has Sarah Twomey been in? The actress made an appearance in Kate & Koji, but is better known for her stage work – including with the Royal Shakespeare Company.

James Bailey plays Phil Winch (season 10, episode 1)

James Bailey plays Phil Winch in Call the Midwife

Who is Phil Winch? Glenys’s husband.

What else has James Bailey been in? The actor has been in Days of Our Lives, Help! I’m Alice, and Muzo.

Peter Davison plays ringmaster Mr Percival (Christmas 2020)

Peter Davison plays ringmaster Mr Percival in Call the Midwife

Who is Mr Percival? The owner of Percival’s Circus, which is visiting Poplar this year for Christmas – much to everyone’s excitement. The circus is his life’s work.

What else has Peter Davison been in? The actor is known for playing the Fifth Doctor in Doctor Who, and for starring as Tristan Farnon in the original BBC adaptation of All Creatures Great and Small. Recently, you may have seen him as Denis in Liar, William Priestley in Gentleman Jack, or Henry in the TV mini-series Life. His other credits include A Very Peculiar Practice, Campion, At Home with the Braithwaites, and Law & Order: UK.

Lizzy Watts plays Jaquetta Percival (Christmas 2020)

Lizzy Watts plays Jaquetta Percival in Call the Midwife

Who is Jaquetta Percival? The friendly, funny grown-up daughter of Mr Percival – who also, when she’s not pregnant, performs as an acrobat. Jaquetta works for the circus and travels from place to place with her husband and children.

What else has Lizzy Watts been in? She played Nancy in the first season of The Durrells, and has also been in Masters of Love, Endeavour, and Doctors.

Katie Lyons plays Gloria Venables (Christmas special 2020)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 24/11/2020 - Programme Name: Call the Midwife - S10 - TX: n/a - Episode: Call The Midwife - S10 - Christmas Special (No. n/a) - Picture Shows: Gloria Venables (KATIE LYONS) - (C) Nealstreet Productions - Photographer: Laura Radford

Who is Gloria Venables? This former Call the Midwife guest star returns in the Christmas special, having first appeared in series six. Shelagh Turner (Laura Main) and Gloria previously bonded when they were both pregnant, and were both hospitalised over fears of a miscarriage; but while Shelagh went on to give birth to baby Teddy, Gloria tragically lost her pregnancy. However, after several more miscarriages, Gloria has now almost carried a pregnancy to term – and she is filled with anxiety about something going wrong. But at least she has Shelagh to lean on for support.

What else has Katie Lyons been in? Katie Lyons played DS Jo Brunt in Manhunt, and has also been seen in Trust Me, Maigret Sets a Trap, Bluestone 42, and Green Wing.

Ann Mitchell plays Val’s gran Elsie Dyer (season 8-9)

Ann Mitchell as Elsie Dyer in Call the Midwife

Who is Elsie Dyer? Nurse Valerie Dyer’s beloved grandmother. In series eight, Val discovered that Elsie was the illegal abortionist who’d been operating in Poplar – and she had to make the agonising decision to turn her in to the police. Elsie is now serving a jail sentence behind bars, but she still loves her granddaughter and is desperate for her to visit.

What else has Ann Mitchell been in? The actress plays the outspoken Cora Cross in EastEnders. She first rose to fame in the 1980s as Dolly Rawlins in the crime series Widows. In 2018 she made a cameo as another character in Steve McQueen’s film version, and the following year she played Gwen in the comedy Year of the Rabbit.

Nicky Goldie plays Aunt Flo (season 8-9)

Who is Aunt Flo? No, not that Aunt Flo – we’re not talking euphemistically about menstruation. This Aunt Flo is Val Dyer’s relative, and she was involved in the abortion business with Val’s grandma Elsie Dyer.

What else has Nicky Goldie been in? The actress recently popped up as Mrs Coppins in Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse. She’s also been in The League of Gentlemen, Coronation Street, The Bill, and Doctors.

Lee Armstrong plays Dr Kevin McNulty (season 9)

Lee Armstrong plays Dr Kevin McNulty in Call the Midwife

Who is Dr Kevin McNulty? A junior doctor from a humble background. He is conscientious and studious, and has had to work hard to get where he is. Kevin is mainly shadowing Nurse Val Dyer. Having impressed Dr Turner, he has been invited back to work at the GP’s surgery.

What else has Lee Armstrong been in? The actor played a Grenadier in Dunkirk and has also appeared in Coronation Street, Doctors, Endeavour, and Midsomer Murders. On the stage he’s starred in The Odyssey, and played lead character Albert Narracott in War Horse at the National Theatre.

Sophie Melville plays Yvonne Smith (season 9, episode 7)

Sophie Melville plays Yvonne Smith in Call the Midwife

Who is Yvonne Smith? A pregnant woman who is admitted to the maternity ward with a UTI (urinary tract infection). It quickly becomes clear that she doesn’t want to go home, and that she is terrified of her alcoholic husband Victor.

What else has Sophie Melville been in? She played Lisa in TV movie The Left Behind, and has also been in The Missing, Canaries, and Bang.

Juliet Oldfield plays Maureen (season 8-9)

Juliet Oldfield plays Val's cousin Maureen in Call the Midwife

Who is Maureen? Nurse Valerie Dyer’s cousin. We first met her in series eight, but since then family relations have become fraught as Val helped send their granny to jail for operating as an illegal abortionist.

What else has Juliet Oldfield been in? She recently starred as Shelley Imms in the TV series Critical, alongside Lennie James. Other TV roles include Camilla in Top Boy and Claire Bolt in Silent Witness, while film credits include The Hooligan Factory, The Marker, and The Knot.

Charlotte Lucas plays Miss Williams (season 9)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 04/02/2020 - Programme Name: Call The Midwife - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 6) - Picture Shows: L-R Miss Williams (CHARLOTTE LUCAS) - (C) Neal Street Productions - Photographer: Kevin Baker

Who is Miss Williams? The Turner family’s point of contact with the Hong Kong Adoption Agency, the organisation which brought May to the UK. Shelagh and Patrick Turner must liaise with her until they can officially adopt May.

What else has Charlotte Lucas been in? Lucas played Yvonne in EastEnders for a brief stint in 2003, but is probably best known as Selena Geeson in ITV’s Bad Girls. More recently, she appeared in the daytime police drama WPC 56 and the final series of Broadchurch as Sarah Elsey.

Yennis Cheung plays Esther Tang (season 9)

WARNING: Embargoed for publication until 00:00:01 on 04/02/2020 - Programme Name: Call The Midwife - TX: n/a - Episode: n/a (No. 6) - Picture Shows: L-R Esther (YENNIS CHEUNG), Sister Julienne (JENNY AGUTTER) - (C) Neal Street Productions - Photographer: Kevin Baker

Who is Esther Tang? May’s birth mother. She had a drug addiction and repeatedly left her daughter at the orphanage; she was presumed to have died, and May was put up for adoption. 

What else has Yennis Cheung been in? Cheung had a small role in 2012’s James Bond epic Skyfall and has since appeared in Silent Witness, Stan Lee’s Lucky Man and ITV’s Strangers starring John Simm.

Karl Davies plays Ronald Mallen (season 9, episode 5)

Karl Davies plays Ronald Mallen in Call the Midwife

Who is Ronald Mallen? A dad-to-be who attends Sister Hilda’s fatherhood classes. He’s determined to be as involved with the birth as he possibly can, but his enthusiasm often crosses over into anxiety and stress.

What else has Karl Davies been in? Earlier in his career, he hit our screens as Robert Sugden in Emmerdale and Nick Pullen in Peak Practice, Since then, there have been roles in Game of Thrones (as Alton Lannister), Happy Valley (as Daniel Cawood), Brief Encounters (as Terry) and Chernobyl (as Viktor Proskuryakov).

Carla Langley plays Aileen Mallen (season 9, episode 5)

Carla Langley plays Aileen Mallen in Call the Midwife

Who is Aileen Mallen? Ronald’s wife, who’s coming towards the end of her pregnancy.

What else has Carla Langley been in? The actress played Dora in The Witness for the Prosecution, and Zelina in Amazon drama Carnival Row.

Phil Daniels plays George Benson (season 9, episode 4)

Phil Daniels plays George Benson in Call the Midwife

Who is George Benson? A pigeon keeper with a terrible cough. George’s life revolves around his pigeons, especially his prized racer Dot – and though his neighbours have all moved out to tower blocks so the slums can be demolished, George is still determined to stay in his home with his birds.

What else has Phil Daniels been in? It’s Kevin from EastEnders! And Jimmy Cooper from the classic 1979 movie Quadrophenia! He’s also known for narrating Blur’s 1994 song Parklife and starring in the music video. In recent years, Phil Daniels has appeared in The Mallorca Files, Sliced, Endeavour, The Hatton Garden Job (as jewellery robber Danny Jones), New Tricks and Moonfleet.

Sam Woolf plays Dr Benedict Walters (season 9)

Sam Woolf plays Dr Benedict Walters in Call the Midwife

Who is Dr Benedict Walters? A junior doctor who comes to stay at Nonnatus House, one of a group of four who have been selected for a placement with the midwives. His father literally wrote the book on obstetrics, and Benedict is constantly aware he has big shoes to fill. He also has a bit of an attitude problem. Benedict is assigned to shadow Nurse Trixie.

What else has Sam Woolf been in? His theatre credits include Antony and Cleopatra, The Winter’s Tale, Alys Always, King Lear, and Love for Love. He also put in an appearance in Channel 4’s Humans, playing a character called Artie.

Salma Hoque plays Farzina Mohammed (season 9)

Shahnewaz Jake plays Ayub Mohammed in Call the Midwife

Who is Farzina Mohammed? Mother to two boys at the local school. They have recently arrived together from East Pakistan, but Mrs Mohammed has hidden herself away – ashamed and stigmatised by her medical condition.

What else has Salma Hoque been in? She’s previously played trainee doctor Meena Chowdhury in Holby City. On the stage, her credits include Bodies, East Is East, and Multitudes.

Shahnewaz Jake plays Ayub Mohammed (season 9)

Shahnewaz Jake plays Ayub Mohammed in Call the Midwife

Who is Ayub Mohammed? Farzina’s husband, who was the first to arrive in London and found a job before inviting his family to join him. However, he has now abandoned them and moved in with a friend.

What else has Shahnewaz Jake been in? The actor has featured in a series of short films, including Theatreland, See You in Hell, and Tripped.

Trevor Cooper plays Sergeant Aubrey Woolf (season 7-9)

Trevor Cooper plays Sergeant Woolf in Call the Midwife

Who is Sergeant Woolf? Law-enforcer Sergeant Woolf first turned up in the 2017 Christmas special – where he clashed with Nurse Crane, but also became her most ardent admirer. Although she didn’t reciprocate his attentions, Sergeant Aubrey Woolf found a new love interest in series eight and began a relationship with Miss Millicent Higgins. That budding relationship came to a sad end when his health failed, and he had to move away to stay with a relative.

What else has Trevor Cooper been in? Trevor Cooper was a big hit as Len Clifton in the BBC Three comedy This Country. The series is written and created by his niece Daisy and nephew Charlie Cooper and also stars his brother Paul, so it’s a real family affair. His other credits include Doctor Who, Outnumbered and Inside No 9.

Georgia Henshaw plays Tina Atkins (season 9, episode 2)

Georgia Henshaw plays Tina Atkins in Call the Midwife

Who is Tina Atkins? A young, pregnant woman who Sister Julienne is desperate to help – whether Tina wants her help or not.

What else has Georgia Henshaw been in? The actress played Rosie Barnes in Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging; she was Cassie in Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps, Madi Diamond in Waterloo Road, and Sian Moore in both Banana and Cucumber.

Amanda Root plays Florrie Watkins (season 9, episode 2)

Amanda Root plays Florrie Watkins in Call the Midwife

Who is Florrie Watkins? A grandmother. She usually looks after her young granddaughter while her daughter and son-in-law are out at work – but now her health has taken a turn for the worse.

What else has Amanda Root been in? Aside from voicing young orphan Sophie in 1987 animated movie The BFG, her breakthrough role was playing Anne Elliot in the 1995 BBC adaptation of Jane Austen’s Persuasion. Since then, major roles have included Carol Finch in series three of Unforgotten, Miranda in All About Me, Amanda in The Iron Lady, and Queen Victoria in The Black Prince. On TV you may have recently seen her in Silent Witness, Patrick Melrose, or Sherlock.

Emma Lowndes plays Brenda (season 9, episode 1)

Emma Lowndes plays Brenda in Call the Midwife

Who is Brenda? A woman in crisis who has abandoned her newborn baby daughter.

What else has Emma Lowndes been in? Emma Lowndes is perhaps best-known for playing Mrs Drewe in Downton Abbey, or for playing Bella Gregson in Cranford. She was Mary Rivers in the 2006 TV adaptation of Jane Eyre alongside Ruth Wilson, and appears as Annie in the 2020 movie Military Wives.

Alec Newman plays Father Duncombe (season 9, episode 1)

Alec Newman plays Father Duncombe in Call the Midwife

Who is Father Duncombe? A Roman Catholic priest. Brenda is his housekeeper at the presbytery.

What else has Alec Newman been in? The actor has more than 100 acting credits to his name, including Strike Back, Outlander and Fearless. He is also a prolific video games voice actor.

Jenny Rainsford plays Dena Bowland (season 9, episode 1)

Jenny Rainsford plays Dena in Call the Midwife

Who is Dena Bowland? A pregnant mother-of-one. She and her son, Terry, are living at a homeless shelter while they wait for a council house.

What else has Jenny Rainsford been in? Fleabag fans will recognise her as Boo, a character she’s played since series one. Other recent roles have included Charlene in Finding Joy, and Mae (the brothel madam) in The Favourite.


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