Call The Midwife to tackle Female Genital Mutilation in series 6

The midwife drama will deal with another serious real-life issue when it returns in 2017


Call The Midwife has never been one to shy away from tackling serious issues and series six will see the show dealing with Female Genital Mutilation.


Heidi Thomas’ drama discussed the thalidomide scandal and the introduction of ‘The Pill’ in series five, and now actress Charlotte Ritchie has revealed that FGM – also know as female genital cutting and female circumcision – will be on the agenda when we return to Nonnatus House in 2017.

“We look into FGM. There’s a Somali community in the East End and one of our mothers has had FGM” says Ritchie, who praised the series for being “brave” by featuring such an important subject.

“We spoke to survivors of FGM and their children and their perspective on it as people whose mothers had undergone and their stories and each story is so different” Ritchie continued.

“It’s really been fascinating to learn about. It is a taboo issue and it’s not easy to write about because there are so many different elements to it.”


Call The Midwife returns to BBC1 in 2017