Charlotte Ritchie says some people love Call the Midwife so much they don’t seem to realise it’s not real life – especially in the case of Barbara Gilbert and Tom Hereward tying the knot.


The emotional climax of the sixth series of the BBC1 drama saw Ritchie's nurse and Jack Ashton's Reverend having a hasty wedding – but the former Fresh Meat actress was puzzled at being asked whether she felt nervous about filming the scenes.

“It’s like any show that you like,” she told “You end up caring even though it’s not real.

“Some people don’t seem to know it’s not real, including people on the set who asked me whether I was nervous about my wedding day the day before filming and I was like ‘Are you mad? Do you understand what this is?’” she laughed.

Despite the fact that the smash hit Sunday night drama has been commissioned for a further three series, Ritchie says she isn't currently sure how long she will remain playing Barbara and that she worries about becoming complacent.

“I don’t know for sure,” she told us. “It really depends on what I do next… I love it so much but I always get worried about being complacent in something like that so it depends as well if they want me back. So although it’s guaranteed for three years, none of us are. So we’ll have to wait and see.”

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Ritchie is currently starring in West End comedy The Philanthropist alongside Simon Bird, Tom Rosenthal, Matt Berry and Lily Cole.


Ritchie alongside Matt Berry, Tom Rosenthal, Simon Bird and Lily Cole in The Philanthropist

She said it took a "weird leap of mental confidence" to play her character Celia, who oozes confidence and vanity, as it's a step away from her previous comedic roles.

"So often the comedy that I like comes from making a mistake or being the worst person in a situation rather than being the best," she said.


Charlotte Ritchie stars in The Philanthropist at The Trafalgar Studios from 3rd April to 22nd July. Click here to buy tickets from the Radio Times Box Office