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Call The Midwife creator hints at series six romance for Helen George's Trixie

Nonnatus House's independent woman doesn't need a man – but it sounds as though love is on the horizon

Published: Sunday, 23rd April 2017 at 11:00 pm

Helen George’s Trixie Franklin makes a glorious return to Nonnatus House this weekend and it looks as though she’s set to have a very exciting series six – at least that’s the impression writer Heidi Thomas has given us anyway.


“She’s back with a tan,” the woman behind Call The Midwife said at the Radio Times Covers Party, explaining that Trixie's stint in South Africa – filling in at the hospital the midwives visited during the Christmas special – had done wonders for the character, who spent much of series five “dealing with her sobriety and regaining her glorious spirit”.

“In the very last episode, the night before Sister Evangelina’s funeral, she was in tears because she was lonely,” Thomas recalled. “She perhaps isn’t quite so lonely at the end of the series as she was at the end of the last one,” the writer teased, playfully refusing to be drawn further on a potential romance for Nurse Franklin.

“I think what’s lovely is she’s come back from South Africa so much stronger, she’s not just complete. She’s better and brighter than ever before,” Thomas added.

“It’s so lovely to have her back and she’s very quickly back in her leotard at keep fit, because Helen’s got this exquisite figure but Trixie believes she’s let things slide on board ship. So she’s back in her leotard and shouting at everyone which is lovely, it’s really nice.”

We’ll raise one of Patsy’s signature cocktails to that.


Call the Midwife is currently airing on PBS


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