Broadchurch: Who plays Laura Benson?

Actress Kelly Gough portrays the call centre worker who informs DI Hardy and DS Miller that she was also the victim of a sexual assault two years ago


Broadchurch continues to throw up surprise twists and turns as the series ticks along and we get closer to solving the mystery of who attacked Trish Winterman (Julie Hesmondhalgh).


Until recently we were working under the assumption that her assault was a one-off, but the closing moments of episode four saw the introduction of Laura Benson – a young call centre worker who was subject to a similar attack two years ago.

Laura never went to the police, despite her doctor’s efforts to persuade her, telling Hardy: “I’d had a lot to drink, short skirt, nice top, make up – you think I don’t know what they’d do to me.”

Now her evidence could prove crucial in nailing the attacker.

Who plays Laura Benson?

Actress Kelly Gough portrays Laura whose account plays out over the course of episode five.

Why do I recognise Laura Benson?

Irish fans may recognise Kelly from popular TV drama Raw in which she played main character Fiona’s sister Kate, a part she describes as “so completely different to me”.

Hailing from Ireland, Kelly is one of eleven children and an identical twin – and says her sister Ciara often gets mistaken for her by Raw fans in Ireland.

“Once when she was working in a pharmacy, a lady came in to pick up a prescription and started talking about the show,” she told “Ciara pretended to be me and invented this whole back-story about how tough the acting world is and that’s why she worked at the pharmacy.

Since then she’s cropped up on British TV in small roles, including Law & Order: UK, Vera and an episode of Doctor Who spin-off Class.


She’s also had a recurring role in The Fall as Hagstrom and played Alix in Northern Irish drama Scúp.