Broadchurch fans couldn’t handle the emotional ending to this week’s episode

Contains spoilers...


Episode six of Broadchurch ended with particularly emotional scenes as Andrew Buchan’s Mark Latimer appeared to attempt suicide after confronting the killer of his son Danny.


After tracking down Joe (Matthew Gravelle) in Liverpool, Mark returned home to the cliffs where Danny spent his last night, calling his daughter Chloe to bid a final farewell before sailing out into the sea and lying down in the rough waters.

Many viewers found the tear-jerking scenes almost too much to handle, expressing their sadness at Mark’s fate and their appreciation of the storyline in one fell swoop.

And particular praise was given for actor Andrew Buchan, who fans lauded for bringing the sensitive storyline to life alongside the investigation into Trish’s attack.

Of course, it’s possible that this wasn’t the end of Mark’s story, and that we’ll see him saved in the remaining two Broadchurch episodes.


But if that really was his final scene, it’s clearly one that will stick with viewers for ever.