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Who plays Boxer in Netflix's White Lines?

Everything you need to know about the breakout star of Alex Pina's crime drama.

Published: Tuesday, 19th May 2020 at 6:07 pm

Netflix crime drama White Lines jumps back and forth between the streets of Manchester and the wild parties of Ibiza, as it slowly reveals what happened to legendary DJ Axel Collins.


For many viewers, the breakout star among its large international cast is Nuno Lopes, who gives a thrilling performance as Boxer, the Calafat family's head of security.

Lopes might be an unfamiliar face to UK audiences given that many of his starring roles have been in his native Portugal, so here's a quick introduction for his new fans...

Who plays Boxer in White Lines?

Boxer is a rare English-language role for actor Nuno Lopes, 42, whose previous film and television work has primarily been in his native Portugal as well as Spain and Brazil.

While he may be a new face to some British audiences, Lopes has been acting since the early '90s, building up a strong reputation as a five-time winner at Portugal's Golden Globes.

Lopes balances his acting career with being a DJ, making him an even more natural casting choice for his White Lines role, as the series features some truly outrageous nightclub and party scenes.

Nuno Lopes social media

Nuno Lopes is very active on Twitter and Instagram, with his combined follower count reaching well over 200,000.

Twitter: @NunoLopesTweets

Instagram: @NunoLopes

What else has Nuno Lopes starred in?

Nuno Lopes has starred in a number of films and television shows, finding particular success in collaborations with Portuguese director Marco Martins.

In 2016, they worked together on hard-hitting drama São Jorge (Saint George), about a former boxer who falls on hard times and accepts a job as a debt collector. It was praised for its unflinching look at the difficult economic situation that Portugal has faced in recent years and was the country's submission to the Best Foreign-language Film category at the 90th Academy Awards.

Martins had previously cast Lopes in his 2005 drama Alice, which follows a man desperately searching for his daughter, who has been missing for more than six months.

Recently, he has starred in a handful of French productions, including last year's coming-of-age comedy film, An Easy Girl.

Who is Boxer and what is his real name?

Boxer's real name is Duarte Silva and he has worked as the Calafat family's head of security for decades, including during their spat with rebellious British DJ Axel Collins.

When Axel's body is finally found, Boxer is tasked with finding out the truth behind his untimely death, joining forces with the Mancunian's feisty younger sister, Zoe Walker (Laura Haddock).


White Lines is available to stream on Netflix now. If you're looking for more to watch, check out our TV guide.


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