Better Call Saul: Baking Bad and other brilliant Breaking Bad spin-off ideas

With Better Call Saul launching today, Jonathan Holmes imagines more spin-offs for the meth drama

Like a cockroach, Breaking Bad’s Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) is the eternal survivor. Not only can the crooked lawyer always beat the charges, he has outlasted the series itself.


Better Call Saul, launching today on Netflix, follows the sleazy attorney six years before Walter White broke bad, back when Saul was known as James McGill and still clung to a few of his scruples. But what other Breaking Bad characters deserve their own spin-off show?

Baking Bad with Walter White

Walt is the undisputed master of meth cooking, but what about cakes? Mary is impressed with the consistency and colour of his Angel (Dust) Cake, but less pleased by how it makes all of her teeth fall out. Meanwhile, Paul is weeping hysterically and screaming the word “moist”.

The Oh! Show with Badger and Skinny Pete

The One Show has yet another shake-up, hiring Jesse’s waster friends as presenters. New segments include whether dogs prefer Tangy or Cool Ranch Doritos; who would win in a fight, Dracula or Spock; and whether the walls are closing in and everyone’s going to suffocate. Viewers don’t notice the difference.

Deadliest Catch with Mike Ehrmantraut

Mike actually features as a parking attendant in Better Call Saul. Maybe not the most glamorous of positions for the sardonic assassin, but it beats the last time we saw him in Breaking Bad – a bullet in his gut, sleeping with the fishes. The man deserves some downtime and for Mike Ehrmantraut, hunting the deadliest prey (fish, human or otherwise) would be as easy as dissolving fish in a barrel.

The Price is Right with Jesse Pinkman

It’s a shame Jesse never won the prize showcase. The drugs-den he lives in could really use a nice three piece suite.

Under the Dome with Hank Schrader

A small town is cut off from the world by a giant fish bowl, and it’s up to Hank to…actually, nah, forget it. Too ridiculous.


Better Call Saul launches today on Netflix UK