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Baptiste viewers are all asking the same question about the finale

"What happened to 'meat cleaver man'?"

Meat Cleaver Man Baptiste
Published: Monday, 25th March 2019 at 9:36 am

Ok, so viewers actually had more than one question at the end of the Baptiste finale on Sunday night. For instance: would there be a second series? Would it see Tchéky Karyo's Julien Baptiste and Tom Hollander's Edward Stratton team up as a crime-fighting duo? And what the hell did Julien's final philosophical beach aphorisms about shells and rain mean?


But there was one question above all that had fans perplexed: what happened to 'Meat Cleaver Man'?

Corrupt copper Niels's bearded accomplice was seen creeping into Europol officer Genevieve Taylor's darkened flat brandishing a meat cleaver towards the end of the episode, and when Genevieve (Jessica Raine) arrived home and – sensing something was not right – picked up a pair of scissors, viewers were expecting nasty scenes to ensue.

Instead, after doing a quick round of her apartment, she concluded she'd just been imaging things and Meat Cleaver Man was never seen again...

Viewers had their own theories about what might have happened...

Meanwhile, the scenes spawned suggestions of a brutal upgrade for a popular game...

...and left some worrying that Mr Cleaver might be about to turn up when they least expected it...


This article was originally published on 25 March 2019


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