All Creatures Great and Small writer reveals when filming for season 2 will start

Ben Vanstone, who wrote series one of the Channel 5 reboot, has revealed production on the upcoming season will begin very soon.

Mrs Hall (Anna Madeley) Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West) in All Creatures Great and Small

The writer of Channel 5’s All Creatures Great and Small has given an update on when series two is due to start filming and, luckily for fans, it’s very soon indeed.


Talking about the next series, the show’s writer Ben Vanstone told Salon filming on the second season is due to begin in the next month.

When asked which animal stories we can expect to see, Vanstone said: “There’s a horse story that’s pretty exciting and not quite as heartbreaking as Andante.”

“You’re going to see some lambs, which we couldn’t do last year because we were in the wrong season. There’s only a certain time of year that you get lambs. We start filming in four weeks time for series two.

“From about now through to late May is lambing season, so we should have some lambs for you.”

The writer added that series two will also pay tribute to the late Dame Diana Rigg, who died in September last year and played Mrs Pumphrey, the owner of dog Tricki-Woo, in series one.

“It’s really sad that we lost Diana. She was such a really brilliant spirit for the show. Both on set and the performance she gave was brilliant and a perfect Mrs. Pumphrey.

“Tricki-Woo and Mrs. Pumphrey are iconic characters from the books, and in some ways we need to make sure we honour that as well. It’s something that we’re working around at the moment quite how to handle it,” he added. “It’s not something that we immediately leapt on how to solve because, in a way, Dame Diana was and is our Mrs. Pumphrey. We’re going to have to find something to do, I imagine, to continue that character in some shape or form.”

Channel 5’s reboot of the classic series stars Samuel West and Nicholas Ralph within the All Creatures Great and Small cast as vets Siegfried Farnon and James Herriot, caring for animals in the Yorkshire Dales in 1937.


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