Absolutely everyone agrees that this Game of Thrones character should have died in Battle of the Bastards

"it's justified and it's the right thing to do" says the actor at the heart of season six episode nine – contains spoilers


Most Game of Thrones actors do not go gentle when they discover their character is about to die, but this one particular person we’re thinking of is not most Game of Thrones actors.


The grisly death that served as the climax to season six, episode nine’s Battle of the Bastards must surely have been greeted with wild whooping by almost anyone remotely concerned with justice in Westeros – and even the man who played him believes it was “the right thing to do” to kill him off.

Had long enough to back away from spoilers yet? Right. Here we go.

Iwan Rheon, who plays Ramsay Bolton in Game of Thrones, is really, really happy that his character is finally dead – even if that means that his time on HBO’s mega show is over.

“I think it’s kind of right he goes down,” Rheon told Entertainment Weekly after the episode had aired. “Because what else is he going to do after this? He’s done so many things. It’s justified and it’s the right thing to do. It’s the right path. He’s reached his peak. It’s nice for the audience that he goes out on this high, if you will.”

Even Rheon was rooting for Jon Snow in the end, he admits: “Jon Snow needs to win because otherwise there’s no hope left in the world. But it is interesting that it isn’t fair. And afterward, Ramsay still thinks he’s won. He’s so arrogant and self assured he thinks he’ll still be fine – until the last minute. He always thinks he’s going to be okay.”

Hey, at least Ramsay’s exit had real, uhh, bite, eaten by his own hounds as Sansa Stark watched on. So it’s all good really…

“I feel really lucky he got a proper send off. And it’s a gruesome death. It’s so ironic. He’s been banging on about those hounds all this time,” says Rheon.


Game of Thrones season six concludes next week with The Winds of Winter.