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A new series of Sherlock is "even longer" than two years away says Mark Gatiss

Radio Times’ guest editor says series five is far from guaranteed, and that fans of the BBC drama will have to be patient

Published: Tuesday, 18th July 2017 at 4:36 pm

Ever since Sherlock series four came to an end, creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have been hounded about its possible return.


The pair have always hinted that while bringing Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman back together again is not impossible, another series would be far in the future.

Now Gatiss has given some more specific answers about the future of the hit BBC drama – and we’re afraid it’s not good news for anyone hoping to return to 221B Baker Street anytime soonl.

When asked if series star Andrew Scott’s recent estimate of a two-year break was accurate, Gatiss told, “Oh, even longer I would say."

“We have no immediate plans,” he added.

In the video below, he also talks more about his plans to reunite with Moffat to create new series Dracula.

Gatiss, who has guest edited this week’s Radio Times as part of the BBC’s Gay Britannia season, went on to explain the difficulties of making the flagship detective drama, which has suffered scheduling problems due to the popularity of leading men Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman.

“Everyone’s really very up for it; it’s just so very difficult to schedule everyone,” he said. “It’s just so hard to get Benedict and Martin’s diaries to align. And there’s always the Fawlty Towers principle of just leaving it where it is.”

However, Gatiss says there is still hope that Sherlock could come back.

“I think in a few years time [if] we came back and said, ‘Shall we do another one?’ I think everyone would be very happy to,” he said.

“So never say never.”

Don’t worry Mark – we’re sure the fans never will.


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