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8 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 12

The last episode ended in a bloodbath. What on earth can Claire and Jamie do now to avoid their dismal date with history?

Published: Sunday, 19th June 2016 at 11:00 am

A reckoning beckons

As the opening credits end, we see hands drifting over a map of Culloden moor, placing troop models in battle order.


Courage in adversity

Jamie and Claire return to the Jacobite army, which is in a sorry state having spent five months in retreat. Now they’re camped near Inverness – scarily close to the C word. Claire is in despair: but Jamie’s not prepared to give up just yet.


Knee-gate part 2

We’ve seen much of Jamie’s knees (if not that much else of him) since he returned to Scotland. Now it’s Bonnie Prince Charlie’s turn to hitch up his kilt. But can Jamie convince his leader – who’s quite set on playing soldier – that avoiding battle now is the wisest solution? The resourceful Mr Fraser has a cunning plan… again.



Look who’s back. In Inverness, Claire encounters Mary, who’s in town with Alex Randall.


OMG again!

Look who’s also back. Appearing at the Jacobite HQ, it’s Jamie’s uncle Colum. But if Jamie and Dougal think the Mackenzie chieftain is about to join their cause, they’re about to be swiftly disabused, and old wounds swiftly reopened. Colum also has a special favour to ask Claire.


Steel in the blood

“Remind me not to get on your bad side, Sassenach.” Jamie and Claire revisit the vow they made in Paris to dispose of Black Jack when the time comes. It’s almost touching…


Lost in transit


In a last-ditch attempt to postpone the inevitable, Jamie’s plan is put into operation. But will the rest of the Jacobite leadership play its part? The next episode (available from Sunday 10th July) is the last in this series, but we now know that there will be at least two more, so that flat Scottish killing ground can’t mark the end of the game for everyone…


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