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7 things that happen in the Poldark series finale

Ross learns the identity of his mystery benefactor, Demelza pays a visit to Elizabeth and George puts his new family in grave danger

Published: Sunday, 6th November 2016 at 5:36 pm

It's nearly over, folks. After ten episodes packed with stormy clifftops, lusty looks and sizzling rage, Poldark's series finale airs this Sunday – and, take it from us, the sign-off is action-packed.


When last we visited the Cornish coast, tempers were flaring as Demelza donned her red dress and flirted with the idea of cheating on Ross while Elizabeth bound herself to George Warleggan, once and for all.

But what can we expect from Sunday's final episode? Here are just a few teasers to tee you up for an action-packed hour of telly...

1. Ross toys with the idea of re-joining the army


Once a soldier, always a soldier – and with the British army in need of enforcements and his marriage in tatters, Ross ponders enlisting. But will he dare desert Demelza and Jeremy to fight the French?

2. Demelza pays a visit to Verity


Verity is about to pop out a little 'un so Ross's wife sets her woes aside to share in Mrs Blamey's newfound happiness.

3. Before dropping in on Elizabeth


Yeah, we'd also carry that look of fear on our face if the wife of the man we'd shared an illicit night of passion with rocked up in our garden. Be afraid, Elizabeth, be very afraid...

4. Ross discovers the identity of his mystery benefactor


she, not a he, as we well know...

5. The last traces of Francis are removed from Trenwith


*sobs quietly into a pillow*

6. Ross and George come to blows... again


Well, it wouldn't be a series finale without an angry clash between the sworn enemies, especially now George has his evil paws on Elizabeth and Trenwith.

7. Before Warleggan incites the rage of his neighbours


... and puts his new family in grave, grave danger.


Poldark's series finale airs this Sunday at 9pm on BBC1


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