7 things that happen in the Our Girl series finale

SPOILER-FREE: The current miniseries draws to a close next week – so what is in store for Georgie & co in the final episode?


It feels like Our Girl has only just begun but already the first of three new mini-series is almost over. And while the most recent run of episodes might have started off at a gentle pace, there is high drama in store for the series finale.


As we saw at the end of the third instalment, 2 Section are trapped in the depths of Afghanistan after a sandstorm grounded the helicopters that were set to rescue them. How will they escape? As the trailer for the series finale shows, it’s no easy feat.

While you wait for the episode itself, here’s a brief tease of seven things that happen next – and fear not, this list is light on spoilers so no need to avert your eyes…

1. Maisie gets back behind the wheel


As Captain James notes at the start of the series finale, “we’re sitting ducks here”. So 2 Section must call upon Private Richards and her skills to escape the isolated terrain they find themselves in. The stakes are higher than your average episode of Top Gear.

2.  Rab isn’t out of the woods just yet


He got shot when 2 Section were ambushed in episode three and he’s already “buzzing” to tell everyone back home. But Rab’s injuries might not be as clear cut as they first appeared.

3. Is Thara out of reach?


She’s hellbent on making it to the UK, but Maisie and Georgie are all too aware of the danger Thara is in. With the army powerless to rescue her from her smugglers, the chances of getting her back look slim.

4. There’s a BIG explosion


This isn’t a spoiler as it was shown in the series finale trailer. But make no mistake, Georgie and the gang are in serious peril from local assailants as they make the dangerous journey back to the capital Kabul.

5. Captain James doesn’t see the point


2 Section’s leader is not happy about being back in Afghanistan. Captain James hasn’t been his normal motivational self this series and returning to the war-torn country has brought his disillusion to a head. “We can’t even bulls*** ourselves and say it’s in a better state than we found it, can we?” he confides in Sergeant King.

6. It might not be over between Georgie and Elvis…


Their relationship has slowly defrosted over the course of this series. Will the jeopardy of their situation throw their feelings for one another into sharp relief? We’ll say no more.

7. Aatan Omar might not have disappeared after all


The Taliban terrorist may have thwarted the British army’s capture once, but they’re not going to give up that easily.


This article was originally published in October 2017