Amazon's Homecoming, one of the year's most intriguing dramas, is set to return for a second series next year.


In its season 1 finale, director Sam Esmail (of Mr Robot fame) and writers Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg managed to tie off a few loose ends, but opened a whole load of new cans of worms in the process. Naturally, we have A LOT of questions about what we can expect in season 2, and an answer or two, too.

*Spoilers for Homecoming season 1 to follow*

Did Walter remember Heidi?

Julia Roberts in Homecoming

At the end of the season 1 finale, Heidi and Walter were reunited for the first time since leaving the Homecoming facility, albeit briefly.

They met somewhat coincidentally in a diner somewhere in California, on a stop on Heidi's long-delayed road trip. Walter, having been handed a double dosage of the memory-erasing medication during the last days of his stay at Homecoming, apparently does not remember his time there. His mother, Gloria, told Heidi in an earlier encounter that Walter was happy now, and that she shouldn't disturb him by drudging up their past.

When he sees her in the diner, he speaks to her as if she's a stranger, and she decides against bringing up their shared history. But as walks out the door, she notices that he has positioned her fork at an angle, much as he did with her pen during their final session in her office four years previously. Is this him letting her know that he does remember, and that he wants to leave the past behind him?

Or is angling utensils just something he does for fun?

What is Mr Geist up to?

There’s undoubtedly something very fishy going on at the Geist Corporation that goes far beyond the Homecoming project.

It became increasingly apparent throughout the season that our primary antagonist, Colin (Bobby Cannavale), is a small fish at the company, and that the Homecoming project was his effort to get his higher-ups to notice him. It worked, but not in the way he might have hoped. After it became clear that Carrasco had uncovered much of the mystery, Colin was fired by his former, long-suffering secretary Audrey, who appears to have rapidly ascended through the ranks in the company in the four years between the two timelines.

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As Audrey is firing Colin, she mentions that she had visited Geist on his farm, suggesting that she has gotten in with the big boss (whom we know little about other than his name) in a way that he never managed.

What other schemes does Mr Geist have going on? And why has he chosen Audrey to be his new mouthpiece?

How Will Hong Chau figure into season 2?

Hong Chau in Homecoming

One of Esmail and co's smartest misdirections was in the use of the brilliant Hong Chau (who dazzled in last year’s Downsizing alongside Matt Damon).

For the majority of the season she was used minimally, appearing in only a handful of scenes as Colin’s assistant. She wasn’t even a focal point of many of them. But in the finale, it became clear that they have much grander plans for her - as it was revealed that she is now part of the company's hierarchy, or at the very least, is acting as their mouthpiece. Will she be replace Colin as the primary antagonist in season 2? We certainly hope so.

What did Audrey rub on her wrists, and why?

After Colin leaves the room, Audrey’s icy cool demeanour melts and she begins to shake, only to ease her woes by rubbing some sort mysterious, Geist-brand medication on her wrists. What on earth could this be? And why did she need this go get through her chat with her former employer, whom she must have taken great pleasure in dismissing?

Is Carrasco’s boss in on the whole thing?

Shea Whigham in Homecoming

There were hints throughout the season that the Geist Corporation and the government are in cahoots - not least as Geist are trying to help them recycle their soldiers by erasing the memories of traumatised vets.

And in the finale, Carrasco’s boss at the department of defence, who was reluctant to allow him to continue his investigation, called someone to warn them that the auditor was going to escalate the complaint about Homecoming. Was she warning Audrey/ her boss?

Will Heidi, Walter Cruz and Carrasco return?

Stephan James and Julia Roberts in Homecoming

The stars themselves have been coy thus far about whether or not they will be returning for season 2, and there was an air of finality to the way the Heidi and Walter storyline was wrapped up, with Heidi deciding not to disturb his newfound happiness in California.

It may well be better for those two characters to be left alone, but, we imagine if Esmail, Horowitz and Bloomberg can convince the two stars (James is likely to break out even further with the release of Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight follow-up, If Beale Street Could Talk) to return, they will figure into the story in one way or another.

Carrasco on the other hand, seems dead set to return, as he will still be investigating the Geist Corporation - and could well become the show’s sole protagonist if Roberts chooses to make it a one-and-done.

What can the podcast tell us about season 2?

Sadly, not much. The original Homecoming podcast did run for 2 seasons (12 episodes in total), but writers Eli Horowitz and Micah Bloomberg have run that well dry by the end of season 1 of the series. They also changed the latter half of the story quite a bit.

In the podcast, Heidi teamed up with her former employers, Geist, to track down Walter Cruz, but hasn’t managed to do so by the end of season 2. In the TV show, however, she and. By the end of the series, Heidi crosses paths with Walter, something which never actually happens in the podcast.


So, with that finale, we seem to be headed into new, unchartered territory.