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7 burning questions we need to ask after Happy Valley episode 4

What on earth is going on in the Calder Valley?

Published: Tuesday, 1st March 2016 at 8:59 pm



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Someone's murdering prostitutes in the Calder Valley, but WHO?

That's the big question that's plagued us since episode one and we've got a few main suspects in mind.




He's been caught red handed attempting to force himself on a prostitute and evidence linking him to the other murdered women has been found in his van.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

We're leaning towards Not Guilty. Did you see his face when the other women's names were read out? And savvy cop Jodie said what we're all thinking – he just doesn't seem calculating enough to have pulled the whole thing off.




He's shifty as, has a history of feeling powerless when it comes to women thanks to Vicky, and Catherine refused his tea. That's a VERY important point we'll elaborate upon later.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

We've gone full judge and jury on this one and think he's definitely got the potential to do it.




He killed Vicky and then, well, y'know, did unspeakable things to her corpse to make it look like murder.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

He's probably one of the WORST murderers in history. His whole life has become one big black comedy, actually. So no, we really don't think he's the serial killer.




Are we the only ones who expected the farmer's mum to find a body among those sacks she was unloading? Darryl's a bit troubled – and when you look at the louts he has to deal with you can kind of understand why. But there's something dead shifty about him, and there's no way we've returned to his storyline for no reason.

Guilty or Not Guilty?

We quite simply can't call it.

And what about Daniel?

Catherine's son certainly seems to be going through some form of turmoil – could he be the killer?


For weeks we've watched as Tommy and Frances scheme in the visitors room but episode four saw their plotting take an altogether more sinister turn.

Tommy told his biggest fan that if their "two hearts truly beat as one" (we struggled not to vomit even just typing that) then she'd surely be willing to do something illegal to make sure Ryan was separated from his grandmother.

But does that mean masterminding Catherine's demise? And will our favourite policewoman figure out what Frances is up to before the creepy teaching assistant can strike?


Even if we're totally wrong about him being the killer (we're pretty convinced it's him, meaning it's probably not), why is Neil SO worried about Clare telling Catherine anything?

And why is he so concerned abut what Catherine thinks of him?

He's been so shifty since day one, and his big reveal about his history with Vicky seemed rather sinister. He's flat out refusing to give any evidence to the police for fear of being accused of being involved in the ex building society worker's demise.


We REALLY want poor Clare to finally get her happily ever after, but there's something dodgy about Neil.

You know they're a wrong'un when Catherine refuses their tea. Refusing tea means something.


New police kid on the block Ann has had some start to her career, helping to identify a dead body and investigating a suspected suicide, but tonight her dad revealed she'd had problems with alcohol – and was hitting the bottle again.

Catherine's noticed her budding sidekick is looking a wee bit peaky (anyone else think the pair are fast becoming a mentor-mentee pairing to rival Mrs Patmore and Daisy from Downton?) and as the search for not one, but two murder suspects intensifies, will Ann hold up under the pressure?


Frances has been working her misguided magic on young Ryan and it seems to be having an impact.

When last we saw him he was scribbling a letter to his dad, which he managed to sneak past Catherine as she came to kiss him goodnight.

Will he get the note to Tommy?


We now know human trafficking suspect Dragovic – the guy Ann and Catherine found hanging from a tree – probably didn't kill himself. In fact, the Calder Valley police say they're investigating his murder.

So what does that mean for Winnie? Remember, Catherine's superior did say he suspected Ilinka had been spotted at the station and very possibly followed home.

Could Winnie be in grave danger? We certainly think so.


We said it before and we'll say it again – John's got to be one of the most hapless criminals EVER.

His phone records will surely be his downfall? His boss has already copped that his number's in murder victim Vicky's phone, so how long will it be before they discover just how frequently she was calling? Or before those photographs come back to haunt him?


Jodie's already nailed her colours to the mast and says she thinks someone who knew Vicky personally is responsible for her death – how long will it be until the plucky young detective cops that one of her own is to blame?


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