6 things that happen in the next episode of Our Girl

Bones is back – but can he rescue Captain James and Georgie?

Olly Rix in Our Girl, BBC Pictures, SL

Our Girl cranked up a gear this week. 2-Section made the trip from Nigeria to the Belizean jungle, but disaster struck as Captain James suffered a gruesome injury, impaling his leg on a wooden spike. With their boss out of action, the team legged it back to base, leaving Georgie to care for her pain-struck Captain. But in the depths of dense rainforest patrolled by drug gangs, the pair were lying in grave danger as the credits rolled.


Will they survive the ruthless cartel? Has Captain James lost too much blood? Will their rescuers be able to locate them? It’s all up in the air – and with a while to wait until episode four, we thought we’d give you an idea of what to expect when the action continues…

1. Bones turns up to save the day – and teams up with Kingy

When 2-Section are in trouble, nowadays there’s only one man to call. Whereas once Elvis would arrive like a knight in shining armour stealing glances at Georgie, Bones turns the air blue wherever he goes, ranting and raving about the incompetence that seemingly surrounds him.

This time it’s no different as the Special Forces commander leads a team sent out to rescue Captain James and Georgie. And as well as his bearded, burly Special Forces colleagues, he recruits Kingy to join the rescue mission.

2. Captain James is not looking good

The next episode is not for the faint-hearted. Sure, watching Captain James impale himself was unpleasant, but there’s more to come as his leg goes from bad to worse, leaving poor Georgie frantically fighting the infection. It ain’t looking great…

3. Maisie and Rab are back to flirting

Running alongside the whole jungle-impaling-survival storyline is a lovers’ tiff between Rab and Maisie. Or at least it would be if anything had actually happened between the pair thus far – it hasn’t. Still, when 2-Section were given leave to visit a bar in Nigeria, Rab was hit on by a nurse and last Maisie saw the pair were engaging in some tonsil tennis. She’s been giving her friend/crush the cold shoulder ever since, but relations begin to thaw between them in the next episode. They even engage in a game of badminton without the shuttlecock. (Don’t ask!)

Michelle Keegan in Our Girl, BBC Pictures, SL
Michelle Keegan in Our Girl, BBC Pictures, SL

4. Captain James gets deep with Georgie again

If you thought Captain James and Molly were happy as larry, you’d be wrong. Sadly it looks like all is not well between the couple with the Captain letting on to Georgie that he might have feelings for her as he lay injured. Georgie shut him down but the conversation rears its ugly head once again in the coming episode. Uh-oh…

5. Monk has some exciting news….

… And he chooses Maisie of all people to confide in. The motor-mouthed driver can’t keep it to herself for long, before forcing Monk to blurt out his secret to the rest of the gang.


6. Bones gets some unwelcome news

The angry army man is the sort of bloke who thrives off leaping out of helicopters and wrestling hippos with his bare hands. So imagine how scary he can be when he’s bursting with rage…