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6 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 4

A plot is made and an elaborate dinner party thrown but nothing goes quite to plan in next Sunday's Outlander...

Published: Sunday, 24th April 2016 at 5:00 pm

Claire is poisoned


Claire and Jamie are now regulars at Versaille, where Jamie plays game after game of chess with Duverney. But they haven't exactly been accepted by everyone they've met. Claire finds herself victim to an attempted poisoning during episode four - and while she is left violently ill, Le Comte St Germain looks on intently...


Jamie visits a prostitute


Claire might be pregnant and poisoned but relations still aren't great between husband and wife. Especially when Jamie admits to going to visit a prostitute and Claire finds bite marks on his thighs. An argument ensues, but there is hope that the fog between them will finally clear.


King Charles is love sick


Bonnie Prince Charlie is intent on invading England and taking back his throne, but he's also preoccupied by matters of the heart during this episode. And, their minds always on the matter at hand, Claire and Jamie are quick to use his romantic woes to their advantage. "We'll use his broken heart to break his bank," says Jamie...


An elaborate dinner party is thrown


Claire and Jamie play host to Paris's great, good and guileful, aiming to stage the perfect situation in which to deftly undercut Charles and expose him for the idiot he is. The Duke of Sandringham is invited, as is Louise, her husband and the not-to-be-trusted Le Comte St Germain...


It doesn't go to plan


Naturally nothing is that simple. At one point even Claire's presence at her own dinner party looks unlikely...


Claire grows closer to Mary


The young English girl starts helping out with Claire at L'Hopital des Anges. While Claire worries about whether Frank Randall will ever exist, Mary confides in her about a new love interest...


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