6 things that happen in Outlander series 2 episode 2

Look out for sex toys, socialites and constipated kings...


Claire and Jamie settle into Paris life


Season two’s opening episode was a bit of a surprise. We were anticipating being in the royal courts of France, but instead we were back in Scotland with Frank in the 1940s. This second instalment, however, sees Claire and Jamie living in Paris and settled into their new French way of life. Their clothes are fancier and their plush home is full of servants…


New friends are made


While Jamie and Murtagh hang around together, Claire’s already made new pals: Master Raymond, a local apothecary, Louise (above), a wealthy French socialite, and Mary, a young English woman who Louise is chaperoning around Paris.


A plan is put in place


However ill-fated, Claire and Jamie are set on changing the course of history, and this episode they take their first steps. As luck has it, Jamie meets Prince Charles himself and sets about infiltrating his band of supporters (and scuppering his cause before he can even set sail for Scotland…)


A constipated king makes an appearance


Yep. It’s not just Bonnie Prince Charlie who the Frasers rub shoulders with in episode two. They also come face-to-face with King Louis XV who is, erm, on the toilet at the time, asking for advice about his blocked bowels…


The ghost of Black Jack lingers on


Time has moved on since Claire and Jamie first arrived in France, and Jamie’s injured hand is almost healed, but invisible scars continue to plague him. At the beginning of the episode Jamie is struggling to sleep and his vivid visions are clearly taking their toll on his relationship with Claire…


There’s a lot of sex


The Frasers may still be haunted by Jamie’s attack at the hands of Jack Black but there is much sex being had elsewhere in this episode. Brothels, sex toys, discussions about “the male appendage” and infidelity. There are intimate waxes, pierced nipples and more mentions of “honey pots” than we care to remember…


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