15 tweets that perfectly sum up the reaction to this week’s Sherlock

Twists! Deaths! Balloons! And some very very sad fans…


Sherlock returned to TV screens last night after a year since its last episode and TWO years since the last full series – and it’s safe to say that fans were pretty excited to see it return.


To start with the case saw Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) hunting for someone who destroyed busts of Margaret Thatcher (as you do) – and some people were a bit confused by the political elements.

And as the episode went on, they loved Benedict Cumberbatch’s surprising new co-star and their performance. They had a really light touch.

But then things got darker. First, Martin Freeman’s John Watson was revealed to be less than the great guy we all took him for, possibly carrying on an affair behind his wife Mary’s (Amanda Abbington) back…

And then there was THAT twist. Oh boy.

Suffice to say, some fans were left reeling.

But despite the outpouring of emotion, once the dust settled there were some criticisms about how the story panned out.

In fact, a LOT of criticisms.

Still, even the naysayers found SOME things they enjoyed

And we could all agree on one thing – how decidedly un-cheery we felt after the episode finished.

Happy new year…


Sherlock continues on BBC1 next Sunday (8th January) at 9.00pm