13 Reasons Why season 2 would still have Hannah “at the centre of it”

Another series of the Netflix drama is looking increasingly likely


Hannah Baker may be dead – and we may have heard all 13 cassette recordings she made before her suicide – but that doesn’t mean she will be absent from a potential second season of Netflix’s 13 Reasons Why.


The first series, adapted from Jay Asher’s best-selling young adult novel of the same name, focused on the death of Hannah (Katherine Langford) and its repercussions for her friends and classmates as her story unfolded from the cassettes she left behind.

It took us all the way through the plot of the book and was initially conceived as a standalone series. But now screenwriter Brian Yorkey is thinking about where the story can go next as producers strike a deal for a season two renewal with Netflix.


“One of the things that is a fundamental element of our show is the weaving of past and the present,” Yorkey told the Hollywood Reporter.

“Hannah’s story is still very much not finished. She’s an integral part of whatever the next chapter of the story is, and she’s very much still at the center of it.”

Luckily, the actress herself is on board.


Langford explained: “There’s definitely more story to tell. It would be cool to continue the dialogue of this story. There are so many cliffhangers at the end of the season.”