13 Reasons Why’s cryptic new trailer sees Monty and Bryce return in season 4 – what is Clay hiding?

The show's fourth and final season is landing on Netflix next month

13 Reasons Why season 4 death

The first trailer for 13 Reasons Why‘s final season has been released – and it appears to show the return of two characters fans had presumed dead.


Both Monty de la Cruz, who was killed in his jail cell at the end of the third season, and Bryce Walker, who was also killed during the last series, were glimpsed during the trailer – causing many fans to ask all sorts of questions on social media.

However, it appears the sightings are hallucinations taking place inside Clay’s head.

One Twitter user wrote, “To all those people who are starting to making theories about Bryce and Monty [being] alive. They aren’t this is all Clay’s imagination and mental health.”

It looks like the series will be focusing on Winston’s attempts to expose the other characters for framing Monty for the murder of Bryce – with Clay and co having covered up the real crime, which was committed by Alex.

And Clay certainly seems to be having a tough time of it – we see him visiting a therapist while he also seems to be struggling with some pretty nasty nightmares, as the secrets he’s been keeping begin to take their toll on his health.

It also looks like he might be in hot water – he looks pretty guilty throughout and we also see his therapist claiming, “I look at you Clay and I see a kid who’s paying a very high price and I don’t know yet what for, I suspect it might be for secrets you keep.

So will his actions in the past series come back to haunt him?


13 Reasons Why season 4 arrives on Netflix 5th June. For more to watch, check out our TV guide or see the best Netflix series and best Netflix movies available.