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13 burning questions we have after Thirteen episode 3


Published: Friday, 5th October 2018 at 11:22 am

What a cliffhanger. From the moment DS Merchant set foot in that cellar we knew she’d find something but we certainly weren’t expecting her to knock down a wall and find a body in a bag.

But who is in the body bag? Is it White’s mysterious missing half-brother Dylan?


She was supposedly down in that cellar for so many years, surely there's no way she didn't notice a whole new wall being built and a body being concealed behind it?


Ms Moxam was VERY quick to shake her head before the questions even started coming. Is that because she genuinely knew nothing about White's half-brother?

Or could it be that she knows TOO much for her own good?

She did come back from her interview with Carne and Merchant looking shellshocked, to the point where her sister, Emma, asked if something had happened with the police. What is she hiding?


We have yet to meet Ivy's kidnapper (that's no mistake on writer Marnie Dickens' part) but we know he's taken a little girl (Phoebe Tarl) and we know he knows where Ivy is.

He's sent her a letter (calling her Alison and himself Leonard, mind) asking her to come back, so we know he can't have gone too far away.


Ivy and her captor have a complicated relationship – we know that much.

Way back in episode one she had a conversation about fish being good for a baby with Carne and Merchant. Could that be a hint that Ivy had a baby with him? Or was that just a red herring?

We also know Ivy was reluctant to leave him when the pair went to a shopping centre, and was utterly devastated when he'd removed something important from her cellar. "This was ours," Ivy almost cried when she returned.

And then Elliot discovered something rather damning among Ivy's therapy reports – a confession that she "left" White.


Henry Stone’s been acting rather odd since news that White worked at the school and now Ivy's mum is screening his calls.

We're clearly led to believe that the pair were romantically involved – but to what extent?

“I just wanted to make it up to her,” Stone said while delivering the evidence that put Mark and his brother together during the timeframe of Ivy’s kidnapping.

But who is "her" exactly?

Ivy? Or her mum?

You know, that weird thing she does with her hair in certain situations, mainly involving men – almost as if she's sprucing it up for the person she's speaking to.


Where does that come from? And why does she keep doing it?


"Is that him? He wants them of the both of you? Not just you?" Ivy asks her sister when she spots pictures of Craig and Emma together on her phone.

The HIM and HE are very pointed, almost sounding accusatory.

Of course, you would expect Ivy to be wary given she's spent the past 13 years under lock and key, but she seems particularly uneasy with her sister's fiancé.

Is it because she's feeling lonely? Is it because he shakes up the family world she desperately hoped had stayed the same? Or is there something more to it?


He spooked us a little this time around, being honest.

"You're MY girl" he moaned at Emma in frustration after she missed tasting sessions and wedding-related events to take care of her sister.

The sister who has been missing for 13 years. C'mon Craig, give them a break.

But is he more dangerous than we first thought? Or is he merely a good guy who's being tried and tested a little too much?


Ivy's furious with her former teenage love for lying to her and he doesn't seem too worried about the fact that his wife's not happy with him either.

Yazz has confined him to the sofa and kicked his old pal Elouise out of the house, but all Tim can think about is the fact that Ivy's upset.

"After everything Ivy’s been through, I’ve hurt her", he told El while the pair were camped out in his living room. Meanwhile Ivy ripped his pictures from the door of her wardrobe.

Is it all over between the two? Or can they salvage something from the wreckage of their broken relationship.


Ivy's NOT talking. White's still missing in action. And poor Phoebe has disappeared without a trace.

Is all hope lost for the little girl and her family? Or will someone be able to find her before it's too late?


She says she was knocked over the head and dragged into a vehicle but the police aren't too sure – and neither are we.

Now Elouise argues that Ivy couldn't possibly have known Mark White because her pal had "barely even kissed a boy" at that point. Is she lying?


"I should never have left him. All I want is not to be alone any more."


This article was originally published in 2016


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