*Spoiler alert: do not read on if you've not seen the final episode of Series 7 of The Good Wife*


The Good Wife ended with a slap around the face last night.


Literally - Diane Lockhart landed a stinging blow around Alicia Florrick's face after she revealed her husband was cheating in the middle of Peter's court case. Unexpected? You betcha. We talk more about the ending here, but here's a look at how the finale of the sassy drama went down online.

The sense of loss was immediate

OF COURSE there were tears over Will’s dream sequence return

Watching with wine was seen as the correct way to send off Alicia

But some felt it needed a sweeter ending

Indeed, there’s a sense of struggle over the unhappy ending

Then some started thinking about all the hours of Alicia time

As well as pondering what might have happened beyond that fade to black

Some are just re-writing things in their own minds

*rewrites The Good Wife so Alicia and Will run away and get married after season 1*

— Barbara Ellingson (@MrsTomSauter) June 22, 2016

All in all, this is a pretty good summary…

Farewell Alicia.