Where to watch and stream Walking with Dinosaurs – is the series on Netflix?

Find out where to watch and stream Walking with Dinosaurs, if Walking with Dinosaurs is on Netflix as well as your guide to what the series is about

Walking with Dinosaurs is a 2013 film set in the Late Cretaceous period – right before the extinction of all the dinosaurs. (Well, almost all of them – the ancestors of modern birds survived.)


The film was moderately successful, but did not perform as well as was hoped given the large production costs required for its 3D commuter animated creatures – if you’re interested, it cost a gigantic $65 million – and at RadioTimes.com, we gave it just 2 out of 5 stars.

This stands in contrast to the original Walking with Dinosaurs TV series released in 1999 which won two BAFTAs, three Emmys and Peabody Award.

Where to watch Walking with Dinosaurs?

You can watch the film on Google Play or YouTube, or you could buy the DVD.

You can also catch the series of the same name, also produced by the BBC, on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video or Google Play. Alternatively you can buy episodes on iTunes or purchase the full DVD box set.

What is Walking with Dinosaurs about?

The film Walking with Dinosaurs begins by following Zack, a palaeontologist, as he takes his niece and nephew on an expedition to find new dinosaur fossils. Instead they find a talking bird, Alex, who tells the three explorers a story that took place over 70 million years ago when dinosaurs still walked the Earth.

The film has been praised for its accuracy in portraying recent paleontological discoveries, although now, more than five years later, some aspects may be outdated. However the main aim of the film is not to educate. It is primarily intended as ‘mainstream entertainment’ its director Neil Nightingale told Variety.

The main characters are brought to life via voiceovers by Romeo + Juliet‘s John Leguizamo, Ed‘s Justin Long, The Good Place‘s Tiya Sircar, and Skyler Stone of Comedy Central’s 2005 series Con.

The TV series of the same name as the film was created by Tim Haines, who also worked on Walking with Monsters, Walking with Beasts and Primeval. The BBC documentary miniseries used Professor Michael J. Benton from the University of Bristol as a scientific consultant to ensure palaeological accuracy, and had an original soundtrack composed by Ben Bartlett. The series was met with widespread critical acclaim and led to a spin-off book and a live theatrical show.

How many episodes is Walking with Dinosaurs?

Walking with Dinosaurs (2013) is a film, but the original 1999 TV series had six episodes in the series, plus an additional bonus one about the making of the show.

How long is Walking with Dinosaurs?

The film is 87 minutes long, whilst episodes last 30 minutes.

Is it linked to the show?


The film follows a similar format and shares a name with the show, and both were made in part by the BBC. However the show doesn’t directly link on from the series, or follow any of its original storylines.