1Viewers around the planet have been gripped by the hugely successful Netflix reboot of true crime anthology documentary series Unsolved Mysteries - with amateur detectives the world over taking to the internet with their latest theories.


One of the episodes, titled House of Terror, in the series focuses on the case of Xavier Dupont, who is the main suspect in the murders of his family after the bodies of his wife and children were discovered under the porch of their home in Nantes, France in 2011.

And the director of the episode, Clay Jeter, has revealed that several scenes were shot for the programme that didn't end up getting used.

Jeter made the remarks when asked if there was anything audiences didn't get to see, during an appearance on the Netflix true crime podcast You Can’t Make This Up, hosted by Rebecca Lavoie.

He said: "Always there is, and in this episode just like everything else there is too.

"We actually spent a lot of time and energy shooting much more thorough and detailed recreations of the crime itself. Not the crime as we, Unsolved Mysteries were suggesting this is what happened - but rather we have Detective Jean-Marc Bloch telling us their theories of what happened, how things unfolded, and they tell it to us very clearly.

"It is their opinion of what might have happened and so when we went out and we shot, we said why don't we bring these to life with imagery, so we shot all these sequences that involved Xavier in the house at night going into the bedrooms with the children and the wife

He continued: "We had him in the back yard, we got lucky or unlucky with a crazy rainstorm when we were shooting our exterior night time scene and it made it very dramatic - where we did this pouring rain scene outside where Xavier is digging the graves and the mud's piling up, he's wearing his headlamp and the light is all backlit and he's rolling the bodies into the grave."

"And I think for our amazing local art department, where we insisted on digging these gigantic holes to actually be able to accommodate this action and now they're not in the episode!

"I think what happened was we went back and we looked at the stories and we said there was no first person witness there to actually witness these things and so I am actually not convinced that it would make the episode stronger or more emotional."

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