It's been a big year for documentaries about con artists, from The Tinder Swindler to Bad Vegan – but now Apple TV+ is entering the game with its series about the biggest government con in US history.


The Big Conn looks at the crimes of Eric C Conn – a lawyer who defrauded the Social Security Administration out of more than half a billion dollars through his law firm.

From trying to become the first lawyer to go to space, to being caught by the FBI in a Pizza Hut in the Caribbean, the story of how this conman swindled the government gets wilder and wilder.

Read on for everything you need to know about Apple TV+ docuseries The Big Conn.

The Big Conn release date

The Big Conn arrived on Apple TV+ on Friday 6th May.

All four episodes of the true crime docuseries are now available to stream.

What is The Big Conn about?

The Big Conn
Apple TV+

The Big Conn explores the story of Eric C Conn – a lawyer who conned the government out of over half a billion dollars, making it the one of the largest in US history.

Conn, who was also known as 'Mr Social Security', was a lawyer in Eastern Kentucky when he took $550 million from the Social Security Administration in disability payments by fabricating medical documents and paying various people to have social security claims passed.

After two whistleblowers came forward, Conn was indicted and pleaded guilty to charges of stealing from Social Security and bribing a federal judge in 2017 but fled the country a few weeks before his court date.

Six months later, he was caught in a Pizza Hut in La Ceiba and sentenced to 27 years in Kentucky federal prison, where the 61-year-old is currently incarcerated and won't be eligible for release until 2040.

The Big Conn trailer

Apple TV+ released a trailer for the docuseries last month, teasing the unbelievable story that's told over four episodes.

The Big Conn are available to stream on Apple TV+. You can sign up for Apple TV+ for £4.99 or get a 7-day free trial.

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