Louis Theroux says there’s “more to” Bamber family case in Murder at the Farm

Louis Theroux is looking into the 1985 crimes of Jeremy Bamber in Sky's Murder at The Farm.

Louis Theroux on The Bambers: Murder at The Farm

Documentary filmmaker Louis Theroux is looking into one of the most infamous murder cases in Britain in new Sky documentary, The Bambers: Murder at the Farm.


In August 1985, a young mother named Sheila Caffell, her twin sons and her parents were found dead in a secluded Essex farmhouse. Sheila’s brother Jeremy Bamber was eventually convicted of all five crimes and sentenced to life in prison. However, over the last 35 years he’s consistently maintained his innocence.

During an interview, Theroux revealed there’s “more” the shocking events at White House Farm, some of which he hopes to show in the Sky series, directed by Lottie Gamon.

Speaking to press including RadioTimes.com, Theroux explained: “There’s definitely more to it, and I think some of the more we put in the programme – I mean most of the more.”

The Bambers: Murder at The Farm
The Bambers: Murder at The Farm

Theroux says he and Gammon discovered so much information during filming, the documentary had to be extended.

“Initially this was going to be three episodes and, in the course of making it, we realised that it needed to be four, because it’s such a lot to get into. Before embarking on it, I had really no idea that there was quite this level of complexity,” he explained.

In terms of his thoughts on who is guilty, Theroux added: “Part of what is important in terms of kind of really getting the most out of the series is that you come to it with an open mind, or at least with a spirit of curiosity, and I don’t think that experience is helped by me pontificating.

“I will say that whether you believe he did it or she did it, or even someone else did it, there’s things that’s extremely hard to explain, and that’s what’s so intriguing and so weird about the case.”

While Theroux believes there’s more to the case, he would only consider a follow-up to Murder at the Farm if Jeremy Bamber’s girlfriend at the time, Julie Mugford, wanted to be involved.

Asked whether we could see a second series, he said: “I would say never say never. In the fourth episode, the possibility is raised of a third party, but it’s unlikely that we would do another series. Obviously, there’s a key contributor – Julie Mugford, who was [Jeremy Bamber’s] girlfriend at the time and a linchpin in the case. If she called up and said, ‘I’ve seen the series and I want to give you an interview and break my silence,’ then there might be a conversation to be had. The fact is, there’s still work to the case, but it’s very hard to explain.”


The Bambers: Murder at the Farm premieres on Sky Crime and NOW on 26th September at 9pm. Find out what else to watch with our TV Guide or visit our dedicated Documentaries hub.