The key figures involved in Netflix’s new series Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich

These are the major names featured in the four-part docu-series.

Jeffrey Epstein

Netflix has released its powerful four-part documentary series exploring the case convicted sex offender and paedophile, Jeffrey Epstein, entitled Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich.


The series speaks to survivors of Epstein’s abuse, finally giving them voice. It also aims to chronicle Epstein’s actions leading up to his arrest.

Here’s your guide to the names mentioned throughout the course of the series.

Warning: this article touches on subject matter that some readers may find distressing

The accusers

Alicia Arden

A model and actress, Alicia met Epstein for a business meeting in a hotel room in Santa Monica in May 1997. They were due to discuss a potential job for Alicia, working for Victoria’s Secrets. She alleges he asked her to strip to her underwear and touched her inappropriately before she ran away in fear. She filed a report with the police.

Chauntae Davies

Chauntae, then 21, was training as a message therapist in 2001 when she was hired by Epstein. She says she was travelling with him and giving him a massage on his private island, Little Saint James, when he allegedly raped her for the first time. She claims Epstein also sexually assaulted her sister after paying for her to study in Barcelona.

Maria Farmer

Maria met Epstein at her 1995 art school graduation show. Epstein bought her paintings and gave her a job, guarding the door at his house. Maria says she was groped by Epstein but he mostly made enquired about her younger sister, Annie and stole photographs of her. ​Maria reported the crime to the FBI but it was years before any action was taken.

Annie Farmer

Maria’s sister, Annie was 16 when Epstein paid for her to travel. Little did the family know she would not be meeting other young people, but heading to his ranch in New Mexico. Anne alleges that she was assaulted by both Epstein and his partner, Ghislaine Maxwell. Both Annie and Maria wanted to speak out against Epstein but said they were silenced.

Michelle Licata

Michelle gave Epstein a massage to earn some extra money for the Christmas holidays when she was 16. Midway through the treatment she alleges he told her to take her clothes off and pleasured himself while attempting to grope her. Michelle never returned to Epstein’s house but was left scarred by the memories of that day.

Sarah Ransome

Sarah moved to New York at the age of 22 and says she was found by one of Epstein’s “recruiters”. It was arranged that they would see a film together before Epstein announced he would pay for her to attend fashion school. She alleges that later she was raped on his private island. She tried to escape, but says she was forced to endure the abuse for seven more months.

Shawna Rivera

Shawna gave Epstein massages at his home for three or four years. She claims he would ask her to take her clothes off and pleasure himself while the massage was happening.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre ​

Virginia was invited to be Epstein’s travelling masseuse when his partner, Maxwell, spotted her at the age of 16. Again, Virginia claims she was asked to strip and forced to endure sexual assault. She claims she was sexually trafficked 30 times before her 19th birthday and claims to have been assaulted by Prince Andrew, which he vehemently denies. She also claims she was approached to have a baby for Epstein and Maxwell but managed to escape first.

Virginia Roberts Giuffre
Virginia Roberts Giuffre

Haley Robson

Haley was keen to leave home for personal reasons and heard she could earn money by giving Epstein massages. She says she managed to rebuff Epstein’s alleged advances but did return with friends who were assaulted.

Courtney Wild​

Courtney claims to have first been first molested by Epstein when she was homeless, aged 14. Eventually he asked her to bring friends to the house, promising money. She estimates that she brought 40-60 friends to meet him after being groomed. She spent time incarcerated after a drug conviction, but on release turned her life around. A bipartisan group of US Representatives recently introduced the ​Courtney Wild Crime Victims’ Rights Reform Act of 2019 in support of abuse survivors.

Epstein’s friends

Ghislaine Maxwell​ ​

The daughter of powerful British media mogul Robert Maxwell, she was Epstein’s one time girlfriend and is thought to be pivotal in helping him recruit and groom the girls that he abused. ​Survivors have made accusations against her specifically – Maria and Annie Farmer say she inappropriately touched them in 1996, while Virginia Roberts Giuffre says Maxwell recruited her and trafficked her. Maxwell denies all allegations of wrongdoing and is believed to be in hiding.

Les Wexner

An American billionaire whose close friendship with Epstein started in the 1980s.

The lawyers

Alexander Acosta

US Attorney for the Southern District of Florida at the time of Epstein’s 2008 prosecution. He met with Jeffrey Epstein’s legal team and oversaw their client’s plea deal. Widespread criticism of his role in the Epstein case forced him to step down from his position in Donald Trump’s administration.

Richard M. Berman

The senior U.S. District Court judge who denied Epstein bail after listening to statements from survivors Annie Farmer and Courtney Wild at a July 2019 hearing. The case was dismissed after Epstein’s death in prison, but not before Judge Berman gave more than 20 survivors the chance to finally share their stories in a court of law.

Alan Dershowitz

Renowned US defence lawyer, he helped Epstein gather a formidable eight-piece legal team, and represented Epstein himself. Dershowitz was good friends with Epstein and has even been accused of assaulting Epstein’s victim Virginia Giuffre, but vehemently denies the allegations.

Barry Krischer

The State Attorney representing Palm Beach County when the city’s police department investigated Epstein. Krischer angered many people with the way he handled this case – refusing to charge Epstein with child sex crimes and taking the case before a Grand Jury where only one survivor could testify. Police Chief Michael Reiter wrote to the survivors’ parents, highlighting Krischer’s behaviour and explaining the case would be handed over to the FBI. Krischer has since retired.

Brad Edwards​

Acting for the prosecution, Edwards has represented more than 20 of Epstein’s accusers including ​Chauntae Davies, Michelle Licata, Shawna Rivera and Courtney Wild. In 2009, he sued Epstein for personal defamation – that case was settled in December 2018. Edwards made it his personal mission to get justice for the girls he represented.

Sigrid McCawley

Based in Florida, McCawley also represented Epstein’s survivors. She took on the cases of Annie Farmer, Maria Farmer, Virginia Roberts Giuffre and Sarah Ransome pro bono.

The police

Joseph Recarey ​

The lead Palm Beach Police Department detective on the Epstein investigation for more than a year. He interviewed survivors and searched Epstein’s mansion before handing the case over to the FBI in 2006.

Michael Reiter ​

Also worked for the PBPD as Chief of Police. In 2003, Epstein’s neighbours raised the alarm, reporting that many young women were visiting his home. Reiter worked with Recarey on the investigation, and both were under surveillance by Epstein’s own investigators. It was Reiter who made the call to refer the case to the FBI when he was unhappy with the way in which State Attorney Barry Krischer was responding to evidence.

The journalist

Vicky Ward

Vicky Ward was writing a piece about Epstein for American magazine Vanity Fair. Maria and Annie Farmer agreed to be quoted but were then warned off by Epstein’s legal team. The legal team also threatened the magazine’s editor in chief, Graydon Carter, and Ward was not able to run the quotes, much to her frustration.

The cellmate

Nicholas Tartaglione

Tartaglione was Epstein’s cellmate when the billionaire was arrested again in July 2019 for federal charges of sex-trafficking minors. Epstein was found dead in the cell, by suicide, on August 10th 2019.


Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich is available to view on Netflix now. To find out what else is on telly, check out our TV Guide.