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Tiger Woods: Back director responds to The Last Dance comparisons

Nick German told that Tiger Woods is one of the few sporting icons that can sit alongside Michael Jordan

Published: Friday, 5th June 2020 at 12:46 pm

In April and May the world was gripped by The Last Dance - the Netflix docuseries which focused on the incredible career of basketball legend Michael Jordan and won rave reviews from around the world


Now another sporting icon, Tiger Woods, is the subject of a new feature length documentary, Tiger Woods: Back - which airs on Sky Documentaries tonight and chronicles his career through the lens of his incredible comeback to win the Masters in 2019.

And the programme's director, Nick German, says he can see why some viewers might make comparisons between his film and the Netflix series.

"It was funny, because we started making this in January, with preparation in December, and I'd decided before that that there was a way of looking back at key moments in Tiger's career from the moments of the 2019 Masters," German explained to "So as the success of his week ebbs and flows we can go back and look at relevant moments in his career and tie those together.

"And we were making that and were halfway through making it when The Last Dance came out and I was very pleased to see someone else take a similar approach, but also inspired that it was so successful.

"I feel that Tiger Woods is one of the few sporting icons that can sit alongside someone like Michael Jordan in terms of their reach and the interest that people have in them."

German hopes that the series can cut through in a similar fashion to The Last Dance and have a broad appeal beyond just golf fans.

"We certainly didn't make it just for golf fans, we tried to make a film that was accessible to everyone," he explains. "And I think the fact that it's on Sky Documentaries and is available to a wider audience rather than just a sports subscribing audience says a lot."


He added, "For me it is a universal story. I think it's a story of achievement and success and a rapid rise of an incredibly talented person and then a continued fall and then a rise again - and it's totally a story that everyone could appreciate because of the incredible nature of what Tiger achieved."

Tiger Woods: Back airs on Sky Documentaries at 9pm on Friday 5th June and will be available on demand and on NOW TV from Saturday 6th June – check out what else is on with our TV Guide

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