This dog was less than 24 hours from being put down – now it can fly a plane

In a figure of eight. At 3,000 feet. Don't believe us? Just watch...


Staffie-Collie cross Shadow was in a dog pound and just 22 hours from being put down when he was saved by a rescue centre.


Spotted by TV producers, he was then put through ten weeks of intensive training – and can now… fly a plane.

In a figure of eight. At 3,000 feet.

Don’t believe us? Just watch…

The stunt is the culmination of Sky 1 series Dogs Might Fly, which concludes on Sunday 3rd April when Shadow and his canine colleagues Reggie and Alfie will all be attempting the stunt.


“We set out to show that dogs have extraordinary abilities and flight was the ultimate test,” said Animal expert Charlotte Wilde. “Each year 5,000 dogs just like Shadow are put down, but through this show we wanted to demonstrate just what remarkable and intelligent animals they are.”