Viewers of ITV's docuseries The Savoy were anxious for the staff as the final episode was filmed during the days leading up to the COVID-19 shutdown in March.


Every cough or sneeze was analysed and a cause for anxiety. The contrast between the staff preparing for their annual gala and what was coming was stark.

Early in the episode Rob the doorman commented: "You've less chance of contracting this coronavirus than you have of being hit by a bus."

He wasn't to know, but... oh dear.

Everyone coughing on the show seemed as threatening as the Jaws theme, according to one viewer.

Another tweeted: "Watching #TheSavoy and seeing the pandemic unfold on them being unaware what is about to happen is scary. Lots of staff starting to cough/feel ill but still going into work. I don't think we will ever go back to being expected to work now if feeling under the weather".

Junior florist Mary Kate continued to be the unsung star of the show. In the final episode she was able to treat her mother to a jolly – a night in a £1,500 butler suite with a view of the Thames.

She was an angel, according to one fan. Even Sean scored highly. "#TheSavoy on ITV is such a brilliant watch - unbelievably good characters! Mary-Kate is such an angel and Sean makes me howwwwwwwl!"

"MaryKate is the best thing about the whole show & hotel by a million miles! #TheSavoy', said another.

After a shaky start and some unpleasant exchanges between senior staff and their underlings in episode one, The Savoy eventually turned into 5-star entertainment on ITV.

For many it was a "shame it is coming to an end".

The Savoy finished with the most sombre of title cards. On the 23rd of March the hotel was forced to close its doors due to coronavirus.

Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 21.59.13

It partially reopened on 24th September but only 200 staff were re-employed. The management were hopeful that the others would return soon.

Will there be a season two?


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