ITV's new docuseries about the inner workings of the classic London hotel The Savoy premiered on Wednesday and was an instantly jaw-dropping insight into the lifestyles of the rich and moderately famous.


The clientele was quirky, the prices were eye-watering, the staff included some big characters and Gordon Ramsay casually popped into roast the kitchen staff at his Savoy Grill. The effing and blinding was immediately off the scale.

Executive producer Ramsay himself was "excited" to see the series, which is made by his production company Studio Ramsay.

However, his autocratic style – despite its renown in the restaurant and TV world with series such as Kitchen Nightmares – was not appreciated by many viewers.

Even though Chef Ramsay's name was above the door of the legendary Savoy Grill, many viewers thought his "whole being rude to everyone schtick is a bit old now".

Or to put it another way...

Mary Kate in the florist shop, who ironically is allergic to flowers, was an instant hit with viewers. While she thought she was more Gemma Collins, of TOWIE fame, her boss encouraged her to believe she was Adele – and viewers were right with her.

Episode one was filmed at the beginning of 2020 and introduced the stern figure of head butler Sean, who showed viewers around the royal suite, which costs £13,000 per night, then put the fear into trainee butler Michael, son of late actress Lynda Bellingham, especially when he was serving at a cocktail party and soon suffering his scorn in front of guests.

Earlier Sean said: “This is a beast of a hotel, but a lovely beast."

His tough love treatment did not go down well with some viewers of The Savoy. In fact, it was a turn-off.

Some felt such sympathy for Michael they wanted to intervene and get him out of the environment.

There were positive response to the series. One fan tweeted: "Watching #TheSavoy just makes me crave Afternoon Tea, Beef Wellington and a ridiculous cocktail! Food and drink porn at its finest."

Another wrote: "Really enjoyed #thesavoy tonight. The workers are great characters. Being a butler never seemed so stressful!"

The Savoy will continue on ITV next Wednesday.


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