Is The Edge of Democracy on Netflix? What is it about?

Everything you need to know about this sobering study of Brazil's current political climate


While it may seem like in UK politics couldn’t get any more confusing right now, Netflix’s new documentary takes a look at what has been happening in recent times in South America. The Edge of Democracy explores how in Brazil over the last few years one president was impeached, another ex-president was imprisoned and democracy was left hanging in the balance.


How can I watch The Edge of Democracy?

The Edge of Democracy is available to stream on Netflix now.


What is The Edge of Democracy about?

The documentary chronicles the scandals that have hit two of the biggest names in Brazilian politics in the last few years, resulting in impeachment, prison and a nation teetering on the edge. This is all explored through the lens of filmmaker Petra Costa’s own political and personal history, resulting in a highly intimate study of not only Brazilian democracy and two disgraced presidents, but the impact this has had on a young filmmaker and her family.

Is there a trailer for The Edge of Democracy?