The show that broke the internet with its grieving monkeys is back for a second run on BBC One, so expect more heart-wrenching moments as the cameras spy on the world's wildlife.


Here's everything you need to know about Spy in the Wild's second series...

What is Spy in the Wild about?

Cameras are camouflaged in the wild to give an 'undercover' look at the animal world. For the final episode, cameras travel all the way to the Artic and Antarctic circles to follow chicks in a king penguin colony by South Georgia's Southern Ocean.

On the other side of the world, Spy Walrus uncovers a family hauled out on an ice floe, which will be followed by Spy Gyrafalcon as they head towards dry land. We'll also get to see Norway's male puffins gather in the snow to search for their life-long mates.

Who narrates Spy in the Wild season 2?

As with the first series, David Tennant gives voice to the wild ride.

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Do you have a review?

This is what Radio Times's Jane Rackham had to say about the final episode:

It’s a chilly end to the series as we’re spying on creatures that live in the Arctic and Antarctic. We start with a fluffy king penguin spy chick that has an unfortunate malfunction at a critical moment and face-plants into the snow. Elsewhere, spy puffin has perfected such an enchanting head flick greeting that it attracts a wide circle of admiring puffin mates.

We’re probably not meant to find these animatronic animals as cute as the real ones, but some are simply adorable. However, although all the spy creatures capture great footage, a few don’t fool the smarter animals, while others come to an untimely end. Arctic wolf spy pup moves as stiffly as those yappy, back-flipping children’s toys so can’t keep up with the pack, while poor old elephant seal spy is completely deflated after a mating brawl.

When is Spy in the Wild on TV?

The second episode of season 2 airs on BBC One on Wednesday 19th February at 9pm. You can also watch the episode on BBC iPlayer shortly after it airs.


Is there a trailer?

Yes! BBC One released a teaser in January.