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Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan says she "wouldn't be upset" if Chris Packham is paid more than her

The wildlife presenter has said "you cannot pay" for her co-host's knowledge of the natural world

Published: Tuesday, 26th June 2018 at 1:50 pm

Springwatch presenter Michaela Strachan says "you cannot pay" for Chris Packham's wildlife knowledge – and that she "wouldn't be upset" if he was paid more than her on the BBC2 show.


Strachan – who has co-hosted the nightly programme with Packham since 2011 – told The Mirror: "I’m absolutely not interested in what anybody else gets paid on Springwatch.

"I love doing it, I’m happy with what I get paid. If Chris was paid more, and I don’t know if he is, I wouldn’t be upset because you cannot pay for his knowledge, it’s an extraordinary knowledge.

(RT/ Richard Grassie)

"If I’m honest, what Chris brings to Springwatch in terms of knowledge is way more than what I can bring," she added.

Alongside Strachan and Packham, newcomer Gillian Burke also presents the wildlife programme.

"Chris is extraordinary and the campaigning that he does is extraordinary and I think he’s everybody’s hero on the team at Springwatch," added Strachan, who co-hosted The Really Wild Show with Packham in the 1990s. "So I’m not interested in what he earns from it – it’s none of my business."


Recently, Packham spoke out about "an ecological apocalypse" and warned that Britain is increasingly "a green and unpleasant land".

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