Dr Nikki Alexander might be good, but could she solve the infamous case of Jack the Ripper?

Don't worry, this isn't Silent Witness completely jumping the shark. Instead, actress Emilia Fox will team up with Professor of Criminology David Wilson for a one-off, hour-long BBC1 documentary using modern techniques to try to uncover the Victorian killer's identity and how he managed to avoid ever being caught.

They'll deploy the latest police cold case procedures, as well as analysis of original crime scene photographs and a virtual reality dissection table – whatever that is.

Fox said: "Having worked on crime drama for many years this project has been a truly fascinating insight into how current real police procedure, forensics and technology can be applied to the most famous of unsolved historical crimes – the Jack the Ripper murders.

"This documentary appealed to me hugely because of my interest in crime, forensics and pathology and also because it looks at the victims – the women Jack the Ripper chose and what left them so vulnerable to his brutality. It’s been an immense privilege to get this behind-the-scenes insight into real crime solving on such a fascinating case."

Jack the Ripper will air on BBC1