Although starting out specialising in comedy skits, YouTuber Shane Dawson has now moved into documentary making, examining the likes of internet celebrity Jeffree Star and failed Social Media conference Tanacon. His latest subject? Jake Paul.


Over the course of an eight-part series, Dawson is set to speak with those close to the controversial Youtuber, before sitting down with the star himself.

Here’s all you need to know about The Mind of Jake Paul…

What is The Mind of Jake Paul about?

The series centres on Jake Paul who is brother of Logan Paul – the YouTuber who controversially filmed a dead body in Japan’s so-called 'suicide forest' at the end of 2017.

Jake is a YouTuber in his own right, with over 17 million people subscribing to his channel, which mainly consists of vlogs and music videos. He’s also been involved in several controversies, been accused of staging pranks, releasing inappropriate videos for his young audience and even bullying.

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Shane Dawson is another YouTuber, a filmmaker with almost 18 million subscribers. He currently specialises in fronting in-depth documentaries and earlier this year tweeted he wanted to make a film about Paul.

To which Paul quickly agreed to...

In Dawson’s words, he wants to “look at Jake’s actions over the years”, trying to understand the mind and thinking of Jake Paul. In particular, Shane speculates whether Paul is a sociopath.

This speculation has been met with criticism, with some – including PewDiePie, the site’s most-subscribed creator – highlighting how Dawson is misrepresenting sociopathy (also known as Antisocial Personality Disorder).

Although the disorder is characterised by impaired empathy and remorse, some have accused Dawson of presenting all sociopaths as dangerous. Others have said Dawson may be encouraging others to diagnose sociopaths from afar.

Paul himself said he hopes future episodes will veer away from the sociopathy theme.

When will part 5 and part 6 of The Mind of Jake Paul be released?

Although the next instalments of the series were expected over the weekend, looks like fans will have to wait a bit longer to see Dawson (FINALLY!) meet Paul.

Dawson said on Twitter that he “underestimated how much footage” he had, pushing back the part 5 release date to Monday October 8. Part 6 is expected to drop Wednesday October 10.

UK viewers can expect the episode to drop in the evening. Although an exact time hasn’t been announced, previous episodes were released at 8PM BST.

Episode 5 has now been released. You can watch below.

What happened in parts 1-4 of The Mind of Jake Paul?

You can watch the first four parts of the docu-series below.

Part 1 explains how the series will focus on controversial YouTuber Jake Paul and whether he displays sociopathic characteristics.

Part 2 focuses on Dawson’s interview with YouTube therapist Kati Morton about Paul’s behaviour.

Part 3 examines Jake Paul’s family, including his brother and fellow YouTuber Logan Paul.


Part 4 centres on an interview with Nick Crompton, a former friend and business associate of Paul’s.

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