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People were really freaked out by Channel 4's sex robots documentary

We're on the brink of commercially available sex robots being a reality – but are they a good idea? Viewers were NOT convinced

Published: Friday, 13th April 2018 at 2:27 pm

Channel 4's The Sex Robots Are Coming has certainly caused a stir. Led by a £11,700 futuristic robot named Harmony, this documentary introduced us to something that was once the stuff of science fiction, as inventors race to make the world's first commercially available sex robot.


"Sexbots" are designed to talk, learn and respond to their owner’s voice, as well as... uh... the obvious.

But far from racing to the bank to withdraw £11,700, viewers instead raced to Twitter to share their concerns. Isn't this all a bit... disturbing? Uncanny? And frankly disgusting?

•Warning - explicit content and language •

So: is the rise of sex robots the sign of a fundamental lack of respect for humans – and particularly for women?

Of course, this is a show about sex robots. So there were lots of jokes to be made.

And then there was this:

Others were upset to see men trade in the real thing for a robot...

And to think all that brainpower – and all that technology – has gone into THIS.


But one thing was for sure: The Sex Robots Are Coming definitely started a conversation. Is this really what the future looks like – and what we WANT it to look like?


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