Ross Kemp gives a very practical assessment of why Donald Trump’s Mexican wall would never work

The Extreme World host knows a bit about what goes on at borders and has some simple advice for The Donald


Forget the symbolism of dividing two countries with a giant barrier, or the suggestion that foreigners just aren’t welcome in the US, there are other more practical reasons why Donald Trump should forget about building a giant wall between America and Mexico and Ross Kemp has spelled them out.


Speaking on Good Morning Britain, the Extreme Worlds host said Trump’s strategy would fail for some very simple reasons.

“Geographically it’s impossible, for starters, the mountain ranges, the desert, it would never happen,” said Kemp.

“It would cost too much money anyway. No way could the Mexicans afford to pay for it, neither do I believe could the United States. And also walls don’t really work, as we know, you build walls and people just want to go under them or over them.”

The actor and presenter knows a bit about what goes on at borders thanks to his Extreme Worlds documentary series and previously gave a rousing speech on the issue of the wall during the show.

And speaking of Extreme Worlds, Kemp recently returned to EastEnders, reprising the role of Grant Mitchell for a brief stint.

“I was quite nervous going back actually, there was a bit more expectation,” the actor admitted. “When I first started, when I was 25 years old, a long time ago, no expectation. Now, you’ve hopefully got something to live up to.”


When asked by host Ben Shepherd whether he would like to do more on EastEnders, he said: “Yeah of course I would, yeah, why not. If I got the opportunity to make documentaries and to act, why not do both?”