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Prince William and David Cameron pay homage to the great David Attenborough

“David has been the single most important impact in my conservation thinking,” says the royal

Published: Friday, 29th April 2016 at 11:01 pm

Prince William and Prime Minister David Cameron will pay tribute to naturalist Sir David Attenborough in a BBC celebration programme for his 90th birthday.


The pair wish Attenborough happy birthday in a one hour BBC1 special, Attenborough at 90, which will be broadcast on Sir David’s milestone birthday on 8th May.

Prince William cites Attenborough as the “single most important impact in my conservation thinking” while Cameron describes him as “the greatest naturalist on the planet”.

William adds “When I was a young boy I used to love turning on the television and watching David’s programmes and really feeling like I was, either back out in Africa or I was learning about something magical and almost out of this planet. There’s something very calming and sort of warm about his programmes, there’s something very reassuring about seeing David Attenborough on BBC1 doing his documentaries.”

Cameron’s message includes the following words: “Like so many, I grew up watching you and learning from you as your enthusiasm opened my eyes to the natural world around me. Your lifelong service has created the most extraordinary educational legacy and even today you’re pioneering the latest technologies. Britain is incredibly proud to have the greatest naturalist on the planet, for just as you treasure the world so the world, rightly, treasures you.”

Recorded in front of a studio audience, the programme sees Kirsty Young talking to Sir David about his career.

They are joined by those who have worked with him, including broadcasters Michael Palin and Chris Packham and conservationists Sarah Watson and Ian Redmond.


Attenborough at 90 airs on BBC1 at 7pm on Sunday 8th May


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