Prepare to salivate over Netflix’s new Chef’s Table Pastry trailer

Hungry...oh so hungry...

Screengrab, TL

Sitting next to a huge pile of biscuits? You better be.


The trailer for new Netflix food series, Chef’s Table Pastry will make you feel extremely hungry.

That’s because the mini-series, a spin-off to the Emmy-winning Chef’s Table follows four of the biggest pastry chefs on the planet, with each explaining the inspiration behind their most mouth-watering creations.

There’s Bali’s Will Goldfarb, a chef whose tasting menu restaurant devoted entirely to sweets. Then there’s three Michelin star chef Jordi Roca talking through the food that earned him the inaugural World’s Best Pastry Chef award. Plus, we see renowned Italian gelato and cannoli maker Corrado Assenza and Christina Tosi, the US cook behind the Milk Bar empire.

Basically, this show is going to bring a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘binge-watching’.


All four episodes of Chef’s Table: Pastry will land on Netflix worldwide on April 13