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Planet Earth II viewers react to "nightmare" iguana vs snake scene

The most intense chase scene of all time broke our hearts into a million tiny pieces

Published: Sunday, 13th November 2016 at 7:49 pm

Last night, the nation was gripped by the most intense face-off between a racer snake and a baby iguana the world has ever seen, thanks to Planet Earth II.


A small, unassuming iguana – just recently hatched and new to the world, full of optimism and light and with a spring in its step – was set upon by dozens of racer snakes. The baby iguana was, as you would be, quite perturbed. It scampered off as fast as it could, clambering up rocks to try and escape. But – spoiler alert – it wasn’t enough. Hell, those snakes could climb. And the sheer number of them. There were so many. It was a relentless, apocalyptic nightmare.

The baby iguana died in a mass of writhing coils: its bones crunched and shattered in the snakes' grip and then its lifeless body devoured by them. It was harrowing. What kind of a life is that? Is it fair that the baby iguana was born into the world, just to suffer an unimaginable agony on its first day tiptoeing out into the open? Is it? IS IT?

The internet had a LOT of feelings.

People were beside themselves with fear...

The scene was even compared to a Mel Gibson movie…

And when another, luckier iguana later escaped the snakes' clutches, it literally changed people's lives...


Planet Earth II continues on Sunday 13 November at 8pm on BBC1


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