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Monty Don's American Gardens - everything you need to know

Your guide to the new series from the acclaimed horticulturist...

Published: Friday, 24th January 2020 at 1:25 pm

Monty Don is on the move from his own garden to explore what American outside spaces have to offer in this new series on BBC Two.


Here's everything you need to know about the new show from the Gardeners' World host...

What's Monty Don's American Gardens about?

The third and final episode of Monty Don's series shows him there's no such thing as the definitive American garden. The horticulturalist heads westwards, to the coast, where he explores cacti both in the desert and in private gardens. In Palm Strings, he visits the gardens of film stars, business moguls and politicians, then cruises around some Hollywood homes in LA. He'll also learn why schoolchildren are picking up gardening, and end his journey in a tropical getaway in Seattle.

Do you have a review of the show?

Radio Times reviewer Jane Rackham says:

"At the start of this series, Monty Don wanted to find the definitive American garden. He knew it was a long shot and has now accepted there’s no such thing. The gardens reflect the size and diversity of the country, so the desert planting of an Arizona plot is just as American as the Spanish moss-festooned oaks of a Carolina garden or a picket-fenced suburban front lawn.

Treating himself to a very cool open-top car, he ends his trip by exploring some California dreaming gardens, including Barry Manilow’s glamorous former Palm Springs home and a spectacular LA property with a lush garden bought, allegedly, to make the owner’s Afghan hound happy.

He concludes that 'the belief you can do anything if you believe in it enough… is what defines the American garden'".

What time is Monty Don's American Gardens on TV?

The third and final episode of Monty Don's American Gardens airs on BBC Two at 8.30pm on Friday 24th January 2020.


It will be available to stream shortly afterwards on BBC iPlayer.


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